Shea Butter

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"Native to east Africa, our nilotica shea butter is 100% cold-pressed.
Prized for its skin healing and enhancing properties, our shea butter soothes and moisturizes skin and is full of cell regenerating properties, leading to younger-looking skin" Generously massage shea butter over your body and on dry, sensitive areas needing increased moisture for balanced, glowing, healthy-looking skin.

  •  100% pure and natural cold-pressed Nilotica Shea Butter 
  •  Sustainably Sourced
  •  Rich in Fatty Acids and Vitamin E
  •  non-Allergenic, gentle, and even safe for babies 
  •  Smooth and easily absorbs with a nongreasy feel 
  •  Protects against sun damage and contains naturally occurring SPF 
  •  Known to protect healing from cuts, burns, rashes, and even stretch marks
  •  Great for healthy hair growth 

        how to use: To encourage gentle and effective healing, use as a daily moisturizer or on wounds, burns, scars, skin rashes, and stretch marks. It's also fantastic for therapeutic massages.

        ingredient: 100% pure and natural cold-pressed Nilotica Shea Butter 

        net weight: 100ml

        expiry date: 12months from opening

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