Wild Yellowfin Tuna

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ingfit is proud to bring you clean, low mercury, sustainably caught tuna options from Safe Catch! Canned tuna has become an increasing health concern as mercury levels continue to rise, making continuing to eat it questionable in terms of raising our mercury load and increasing inflammation in our bodies… not to mention the worrying fishing practices destroying the delicate ocean ecosystem. 

Safe Catch to the rescue! 

Safe Catch Wild Ahi tuna is made with yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) caught in the Western Central Pacific catch area (FAO 71) or Indian Ocean (FAO 57).

Safe Catch Wild Ahi tuna are only caught by purse seine boats without the use of fish aggregating devices (FADs) or using the pole and line method.


Yellowfin Tuna, Sea Salt.


Safe Catch hand pick premium wild tuna, then test each and every one to a mercury limit that is ten times (10x) lower than the FDA action limit. Safe Catch Elite is the only brand of tuna that meets Consumer Reports’ “Low Mercury” criteria set for pregnant women and children. Safe Catch Elite is the official tuna of the American Pregnancy Association.


Competitors pre-cook their products and pump them full of preservatives, which causes the fish to lose flavour and the majority of Omega-3s. This results in a bland taste and texture, along with decreased nutritional value. At Safe Catch, they hand-cut and hand-pack premium raw wild tuna steaks to retain all the vital Omega-3 oils and nutrients, then slow cook them to perfection to retain peak flavour and texture.


At Safe Catch, they don’t add water, fillers, preservatives, or GMO-Soy broth to our tuna. Unlike other brands, we only pack pure wild tuna steaks, and premium seasonings into our cans. Please do not drain.


Safe Catch Elite tuna is wild and sustainably caught without using FADs or long lines. They proudly follow the recommendations of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program. 

First, they catch the tuna.

Safe Catch tuna is traceable from catch to can and they only buy from captains whose fish come from managed and sustainable tuna stocks.  

Then, they test each tuna.

Using their proprietary technology, Safe Catch are able to test every single fish for its mercury content. If it doesn’t meet their purity standards they don’t buy it. It still may be a good tuna, but it’s not a Safe Catch tuna.

The Safe Catch limit for their Elite Wild Tuna is ten times (10x) stricter than the FDA mercury action limit. 

Why test every tuna?

These fish seem identical. They are the same size. They swim in the same school.

However, about 1 out of 3 tuna tested do not pass the Safe Catch strict purity standards

That's why Safe Catch tests every fish. And they are the only brand that does. 

A cut above.

Other canned tunas lose flavour and Omega 3s due to machine processing. Safe Catch hand pack pure, raw tuna steaks to retain maximum nutrients and then slow cook them to perfection. 

Enjoy Safe Catch tuna!

Other canned tuna companies precook their tuna and use additives and fillers to artificially enhance their fish. At Safe Catch, they don’t add any fillers or additives to unseasoned products. In fact, besides salt where noted, they don’t add anything at all! Just pure tuna. You will love the amazing, pure flavour of Safe Catch tuna. Just as nature intended. 


Safe Catch will always provide pure sustainably sourced seafood and help to protect purity in our oceans, lakes, and rivers. Providing seafood from well-managed fisheries using sustainable fishing methods is essential to promoting a healthy ecosystem and to conserve populations for the future.

Their packing methods ensure utmost quality in every can. They hand cut and hand pack pure tuna steaks. They are then slow cooked to perfection with maximum nutrients retained. Conventional twice cooked tuna is made by putting the fish in large pre-cookers on open racks, machine processing it, and then rehydrating the precooked tuna in the can and cooking it again. As a result, conventional tuna loses many vital Omega 3 oils as the fish precook on racks, and the oils drain away. Machine processing also impairs natural flavour and texture.

Safe Catch has a sustainability policy which focuses on protecting the entire marine ecosystem, and they believe sustainable use requires supporting conservation while reducing our environmental impact. They have chosen our catch methods very carefully. They are committed to using tuna species as well as fishing techniques that are rated Green Best Choice or Yellow Good Alternative by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program. Safe Catch tests each fish to their strict mercury standard, which is published on every package. If it doesn’t meet their published mercury standard, they don’t purchase it. Safe Catch are the only seafood brand with the technology to test every single fish, and they are the only brand that does.

Dolphin Safe

Safe Catch is an approved Earth Island Institute (EII) Dolphin Safe company. To be approved by the EII they only purchase seafood that has Dolphin Safe certificates signed by the captain of each ship and verified by an independent third-party observer on board each ship. Safe Catch will never use tuna caught with dolphin associated sets.

Statement on Illegal and Wasteful Fishing Practices

Safe Catch do not and will not source from fishing operations engaged in shark finning or other wasteful fishing practices. They do not and will not source from companies associated with illegal operations or that have ever been listed on any blacklist. They do not support practices such as transshipment at sea that can facilitate illegal activities.

Statement on Sourcing of Endangered or Threatened Species

Safe Catch do not and will not source any species listed as Endangered, Critically Endangered or Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. They do not and will not source from overfished stocks or stocks undergoing overfishing as officially described by the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission or other science reports.

Social Responsibility

Safe Catch will not do business with any vessels, canneries, or processors that they suspect or know to be engaged in any human rights or labor abuses. If any vessel, cannery or processor is suspected of human rights or labor abuses they will support and participate in a full investigation in cooperation with all relevant worker organisations, civil society or intergovernmental actors and applicable enforcement agencies. Safe Catch support any and all opportunity for interventions that prioritise the social and economic welfare of workers and protection of the victims of trafficking, forced and bonded labor.

Ocean Conservation

As our oceans continue to be threatened by overfishing and environmental destruction, Safe Catch supports the creation of marine protected areas to restore and protect marine ecosystems. Safe Catch supports the creation of new marine protected areas and reserves that sustain critical spawning and nursery habitats, diversity hot-spots, and regions subjected to overfishing.

Safe Catch believes that by giving consumers an opportunity to voice their opinions on harmful polluting practices by choosing products that specifically address these practices they can contribute to a more environmentally friendly, circular economy, and sustain fisheries for future generations. Safe Catch also donates to ocean conservation groups that are working to educate consumers and directly remove plastics from our oceans.

Pacific Commons Marine Reserve

All vessels Safe Catch sources from operate under the PNA vessel day scheme. Safe Catch supports the creation of high sea pockets under the Pacific Commons marine reserve and supports development of Pacific Island nations. Safe Catch recognises reserves in the eastern high seas are essential for recovery and protection of vulnerable species. Safe catch does not and will not source from vessels using purse seine fish aggregated devices (FAD’s) .

Labeling & Transparency

Not only does Safe Catch want their customers to know exactly what is in the food they eat, they want them to know where it came from as well.  All of their products are fully traceable from captain to table. All of their chain of custody information is carefully managed, and Safe Catch are working with Trace Register to bring that information to those customers that request it.

*lifestyle image is from Safe Catch Foods instagram.*

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