Driscoll's Raspberries, USA - 170g

Dhs. 22.20
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Raspberries boast many nutrients despite being low in calories. It has a soft flesh that tastes slightly sweet and juicy.

These sweet, tart berries have a short shelf life and are only harvested in the summer and fall. Raspberries should be consumed as soon as possible after purchase for these reasons.

nutritional info: per 123g (source - nutritionadvance.com)

Calories: 64 kcal | Carbohydrate: 14.7 g | Fiber: 8.0 g | Sugar: 5.4 g | Fat: 0.8 g | Protein: 1.5 g | Vitamin C: 54% RDA | Manganese: 41% RDA | Vitamin K: 12% RDA | Magnesium: 7% RDA | Folate: 6% RDA

*Always wash your fruits and vegetables under running water just before eating, cutting or cooking.