Rambutan - 500g

Dhs. 25.60
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Rambutans are small, oval to round fruits with a semi-thick, firm, and leathery rind covered in soft, spine-like protrusions known as spinterns. They are aromatic and have a sweet, fruity flavor with mild acidity, with subtle notes of strawberries and grapes. Raw rambutan is best eaten raw, without the seed. The seed is edible, but it must be cooked before eating.

  • 500g

origin: Vietnam/Thailand

nutritional info: per 100g (source carbmanager.com)

Calories: 68kcal | Net Carbs: 13g | Total Carbs: 16g | Fiber: 3g | Sugars: 13g | Protein: 1g | Total Fat: 0g | Calcium: 8mg | Iron: 0.5mg | Magnesium: 17.6mg | Phosphorus: 17mg | Potassium: 180mg | Sodium: 6.3mg | Zinc: 02mg |  Copper: 0.2mg | Vit B2 (riboflavin): 0.1mg | Vit B3 (niacin): 0.8mg | Vit C: 39.6mg

"Portion is the poison.

*Always wash your fruits and vegetables under running water just before eating, cutting or cooking.