Red Apples, USA

Dhs. 4.88
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They are oblong and range in size from small to medium. They have a firm, crisp texture with white flesh. They have a honeyed sweet-tart aromatic flavor.

  • 500g: approx 3-4 pieces
  • 1kg: approx 6-7 pieces

nutritional info: per 182g (source -

Calories: 95 kcal |Total Fat: 0.3g | Total Carbs: 25g | Fiber: 4.4g | Sugars: 19g | Protein: 0.5g | Potassium: 195mg | Sodium: 1.8mg | Vitamin A: 2% | Vitamin C: 14% | Calcium: 0.8% | Iron: 1.2%

*Always wash your fruits and vegetables under running water just before eating, cutting or cooking.