Thrriv | Keto Mushroom Quiche

Dhs. 21.00
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This keto mushroom quiche is to satisfy your craving for a French tart without the added carbs.

  • 100% keto
  • Diabetic friendly

ingredients: almond flour, coconut flour, unsalted butter, whole egg, xanthan gum, whole egg, whipping cream, black pepper powder,  button mushroom, red onion, dried oregano, mild cheddar cheese.

nutritional info (per 250g)

Calories: 857.11kcal | Fat: 78.27g | Protein: 26.26g | Net Carbs: 6g

net weight: 250g.

important information

As per Dubai Municipality rules for freshly baked products, officially expiry is 3 days after production, however, your goodies should be good for about a week if stored at room temperature.

In particular, the bread can be frozen and should be ok for a month or so. Because of the short expiry, your goods will be freshly prepared after your order is received.

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