Pumpkin Seeds (113G)

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Keto Snack Alert!

We love raw nuts and seeds… but every now and again it’s nice to have that salty, roasted taste sensation. Like you though, we are sick of seeing foods that are supposed to be keto snacks or paleo snacks or just generally clean and safe to eat loaded with vegetable oils!

Eden foods solves this problem though! These dry roasted pumpkin seeds are the ultimate in delicious, savoury keto and paleo snack foods. All of the crunch and flavour without compromising on any of the nutritional value. Nature’s snacks as nature intended them!

Eden Foods certified organic pumpkin seeds are dry roasted at their superior Michigan facility. After roasting, the seeds are lightly coated with either EDEN sea salt or their clean spicy blend and allowed to naturally air dry before packaging in protective, resealable 113g bags.

Eden Dry Roasted, Salted or Spicy Pumpkin Seeds are a nutritious, clean snack food, perfect for inclusion in a keto, paleo or generally clean eating way of living. These snackable seeds are an excellent source of magnesium and zinc as well as protein, fiber, and iron.

Contains no added oil, refined salt, additives or preservatives.