Organic Larder Hazelnuts

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Crunchy, delicious and packed full of benefits, Organic Larder Hazelnuts are an excellent addition to a healthy diet.

  • 100% organic
  • 2g net carbs per serving (28g)
  • Versatile and nutrient rich
  • Naturally gluten and sugar free
  • Keto, paleo, banting and diabetic friendly

These organic hazelnuts come either raw or roasted depending on your preference. The roasted option has no added oils, so no need to fear the commonly found hydrogenated fats or sunflower oil from most roasted nuts.

If you've chosen to be healthy but are missing that old favourite, Nutella, take a look how easy it is to make your own healthy version at home!

If you're feeling a little more adventurous, try these low carb hazelnut truffles, or EVEN this low-carb chocolate hazelnut fudge pie!

health benefits

Not only delicious and filling, hazelnuts are a food you can feel good about putting in your body for a variety of reasons.

  • Rich in oleic acid, hazelnuts may improve insulin sensitivity, thus helping repair one of the main causes of Type 2 Diabetes. They have also been associated with lower fasting blood glucose in some studies, so this makes them an excellent choice for people here in Dubai and the UAE where metabolic syndrome and diabetes are so prevalent.
  • The monounsaturated fat in hazelnuts (the same sort olive oil is so rich in) makes them a heart healthy choice for most people, as monounsaturated fat is shown to lower LDL (the more negative cholesterol) and increase HDL (the more positive cholesterol).
  • Studies have also shown an association between diets high in hazelnuts and a reduction in overall inflammation. This is particularly powerful, because it is in bodies with overall inflammation that disease is able to take hold.
  • Packed with vitamin E, manganese, thiamine, folate and fatty acids, hazelnuts can certainly be a brain boosting snack! In fact, diets high in vitamin E have been associated with preventing and even treating degenerative brain diseases such as Parkinsons, Alzheimers and overall dementia.
  • This snack can also leave you with healthier and younger looking skin and hair! Vitamin E improves elasticity and moisture in both the skin and the hair and can help combat against the damage done by the sun.

So! You can pat yourself on the back for your hazelnut snack or recipe today, that's a whole lot of health you just delivered to your cells!