Organic Larder Flax Seed

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Flaxseed is counted among the most powerful plant foods on the plant, and Organic Larder is a clean and trusted source.

  • 100% organic
  • Good source of plant based Omega 3
  • Fibre rich
  • Naturally gluten free
  • Keto, paleo and diabetic friendly

Flaxseed has been used by humans for almost 500 years and finally studies are showing that its believed benefits are actually valid! Sprinkled over a salad, blended into a smoothie or used as a flour replacement in keto, paleo or gluten free baking, these seeds are easy to include in a healthy lifestyle.

health benefits

Flax has a very long list of health benefits, most of which are a direct result of the following three components.

  • High levels of plant based omega 3. This is probably the most well known benefit of flaxseed, in fact, when eggs are labeled rich in omega 3‚ they have been fed a diet of flaxseed. In one tbsp. of flaxseed you will find 1.8g plant omega 3s.
  • High fibre content of both soluble and insoluble fibre.
  • 75 to 800 times more lignans than other plants. These contain plant estrogens and antioxidants.

Now on to the benefits!

  • The lignans may provide protection against some forms of cancer when consumed during adolescence.
  • The plant omega 3s have been shown to have a positive effect on cardiovascular disease markers.
  • The combination of the lignans and the fibre levels may have a moderate positive effect on HBA1C in diabetic patients.
  • The natural plant estrogens in the flax has been shown to has a positive impact on hot flashed and other symptoms in post menopausal women.
  • Regular intake of flaxseed appears to reduce overall inflammation in the body.
  • Including flaxseed in your diet can improve the appearance of skin and hair, delivering essential fatty acids and B vitamins.
  • The fibre in flaxseed also contributes to optimal digestive health, helping keep you regular.
  • There is some evidence to suggest that flaxseed may help regulate blood pressure.
  • They are also great at filling you up, which can help with weight control by reducing hunger.