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Dhs. 45.00
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Deluxe blend of all Honey and Natural Processed Single Origins. A super sweet acid trip, good to hit anytime as a brew, jammy espresso or full cream milk latte. Pipe-dreams are made of this stuff.

Roast Profile: Medium-Light
Single Origin Lots: Brazil, Burundi, Rwanda
Tastes Like: Over-Ripe Marmalade, Roasted Marshmallow, Boozy Gummy Bears, Preserved Starfruit
Good For: All Brewing Methods (Omni Roast)

Net weight: 250 grams.


Nightjar fits nicely into our local ‘freshly made’ products ecosystem meaning once you place your order, we’ll ping that over to Nightjar who will package it up and deliver it to our fulfilment centre the next day. Although your coffee should have a nice, long shelf-life, this process means that you will the freshest possible product.

Because it’s freshly prepared, it will take a little longer than normal. Allow at least 48 hours through the week but maybe a bit longer over the weekend. You can check out more info on this in our delivery terms.