Munchbox Keto Truffle and Cheese Bread Loaf (500G)

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Who doesn’t love truffle? Especially when it’s paired with cheese! Yes, the highest quality Italian truffle is the hero ingredient in this luxurious keto friendly bread. The aroma of truffle will announce itself before you even get to taste this delicious addition to the Munchbox Keto Range!

With around 2g of net carbs per slice, you can fulfill your carb cravings without knocking yourself out of ketosis!


Vital Gluten, Flax Seeds, Oat fiber, Butter, Yeast, Sea Salt, Inulin, Monkfruit, Cheddar Cheese, Truffle
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For the best experience: Can keep for 48 hours in room temperature or for up to 5 days in the refrigerator. If frozen can last up to a month.