Lucky Alvin | Crunchy Peanut Butter

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Peanut Butter Crunchy is made purely out of peanuts. It consists of dry roasted peanuts which give it a crunchy taste as well as a lot of essential nutrients to your body.

Why should I have peanut butter all of a sudden? The primary reason is that butter is a source of protein and fibre which helps in the proper functioning of intestinal microflora. What more? It has healthy fats which are equally important for our body. Healthy fats save you from heart diseases and lowers your bad cholesterol levels as well. Peanut butter also helps you keep a check on your blood pressure levels.

Peanut butter crunchy is free from added salt, sugar, oils and other preservatives which makes the butter one of the best you can vouch for. It is often preferred by vegans.

So, does peanut butter make my breakfast tasty? Yes, it does. Peanut butter is vastly used for spreading on toasts and pancakes. They add a different flavour to your favourite meal along with its good nutrients. Many people prefer having it with their protein drink or their morning oatmeal as it adds as a supplement for the entire body.

Key Benefits:
  • 100% roasted peanuts
  • Source of protein, fibre and healthy fats
  • Ideal for fitness enthusiasts as enrichment for protein drinks
  • Preferred on toasts and pancakes.
  • Crunchy in taste