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Hunter & Gather's Premium MCT Oil Hunter & Gather's Premium MCT Oil Hunter & Gather's Premium MCT Oil

Hunter & Gather's Premium MCT Oil

Hunter & Gather's Premium MCT Oil

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The company that brought you the first mayo you could trust is now brings you their very own MCT oil! 

  • Premium C8 & C10 MCT Oil
  • Derived 100% From Coconut Oil with NO Palm Oil.
  • Easily Absorbed and Digested
  • Increased ketone production in the liver, speeding up ketosis
  • Increased strength and stamina during exercise
  • Promotes healthy body composition
  • Flavourless and easy to mix with anything

Be the best version of you, take your ketosis, performance and cognition to the next level with this 100% natural ketone-promoting supplement.

The first of Hunter & Gather’s EVOLVE product range, this premium MCT Oil is made from 100% sustainably sourced coconuts.

Challenging you to 'be the best version of yourself', this MCT Oil is perfect for those seeking a healthy fat source to naturally increase their ketone production. The oil is lab tested to ensure the fatty acid profile of each batch is within the specified range and that no heavy metals or contaminants are present.

Bottled only in glass, micro plastics oxidizing your oil are of no concern, and with no palm oil included you can be entirely sure that your shot of MCT is not costing acre of forest.

Free of fillers, flavours and additives, Hunter and Gather MCT Oil is extracted from fresh, hand-picked and sustainably harvested coconuts.

This Premium MCT oil is the perfect energy-boosting complement to drinks, salads, shakes and smoothies. This all-natural MCT Oil is suitable for consumption in all diets and is completely non-allergenic.

how to use

With it’s neutral taste and aroma, this oil can truly be added anywhere.

Blend your MCT oil with Coffee for a creamy effect, into high fat shakes to take them to the next level or even drizzle it on a salad with lemon juice.

 MCTs are rapidly digested and absorbed, allowing your body to run off the ketones it produces for hours.

It is suggested that you start with 15ml throughout the day and increase this according to need and tolerance.

typical breakdown

- C8 - Capryl Acid - 60% - C10 - Capric Acid - 38% - C12 - Lauric Acid - >1.5%