Reishi Powder (100G)

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Dragon Superfoods Reishi powder guarantees excellent quality of one of the most popular mushrooms that has been an essential component in Eastern culture for centuries, with applications in traditional medicine for over 4000 years.

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), known locally as Ling Zhi, is an edible fungi that grows above the ground in parts of Asia, including China, Korea and Japan. Reishi has a rather bitter woody taste and that is the reason why it is commonly used in powder or tincture form.


100% Organic Reishi mushroom powder

further details

  • Organic, Vegan, Raw
  • Proven immune booster
  • Helps to detoxify and regenerate liver
  • Known for calming and balancing effects on mood • Inhibits histamine release to help with allergies

suggested use

1-1.5g per day in fresh juice, tea, smoothies or soups.