Dragon Superfoods In Shape Mix

Dhs. 80.00
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Dragon Superfoods In Shape Mix is a blend of fiber-rich superfoods. The combination of ginger, nettle, moringa and matcha accelerates metabolism and helps detoxify the body and the pinch of spicy cinnamon awakens the senses. Add to your favorite smoothie.

nutrition info: per 100g.

Energy: 1117kJ/268kcal | Fat: 2.0g | Saturates: 0.4g | Carbohydrate: 24g | Sugars: 3.7g |  Fiber: 36g | Protein: 20g | Salt: 0.14g

ingredients: Nettle powder (30%), matcha powder (20%), moringa powder (20%), Psyllium husk powder (10%), ginger powder (10%), cinnamon powder. organic

net weight: 200g