Dragon Superfoods Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

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Dragon Superfoods Cinnamon powder is the finely milled inner bark of the evergreen tree. Cinnamomum Verum, also known as "Ceylon cinnamon".

Compared to the more common Cinnamon Cassia, it has a lighter color, more delicate taste and aroma, and a minimal amount of the substance coumarin (<0,004%), which could be toxic in high doses.

nutrition info: per 100g.

Energy: 1513kJ/364kcal | Fat: 1.3g | Saturates: 0.3g | Carbohydrate: 50g | Sugars: 2.8g |  Fiber: 66g | Protein: 5.0g | Salt: 0.01g | Coumarin: <0.004g.

ingredients: Organic Ceylon cinnamon powder (100%)

net weight: 150g