Dragon Superfoods Barley Grass Powder

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Dragon Superfoods Barley Grass Powder is made from the tender young green sprouts of the barley plant. They are dried and gently powdered through a chemical-free process, which preserves the beneficial nutrients and flavour of the fresh plant.

  • Organic, Vegan, Raw
  • Barley grass has impressive antioxidant content; along with vitamin E and beta-carotene, barley grass is a potent supplier of the critical enzyme, superoxide dismutase, which helps neutralize the effects of oxygen free radicals produced during energy metabolism
  • Supports boosting the immune defense mechanism of the body
  • Barley grass is considered a natural way to stimulate the regeneration of cells without any side effects – and reduce signs of aging. Vital components such as chlorophyll, vitamin B, iron, and phycocyanin, a blue pigment in barley grass, improve the bone marrow and support the creation of white and red blood cells. This renewing effect of barley grass also helps reduce the signs of aging by rejuvenating the aging cells and helping to maintain healthy and youthful skin.
  • Proven immune booster
  • Helps to detoxify and regenerate liver
  • Known for calming and balancing effects on mood • Inhibits histamine release to help with allergies

Nutritional value per 100g:

Energy (Kcal) 277 Kcal / 1152 kJ
Fat (g) 3.00
- of which saturated fatty acids (g) 0.70
Carbohydrates (g) 19.00
 -of which sugars (g) 8.80
Fiber (g) 43.00
Protein (g) 22.00
Salt (g) 0.04

ingredients: 100% Organic Barley Grass Powder

net weight: 150g.

suggested use

Add to your smoothie 5-10g per day. Barley grass is also used worldwide in soups and stews, and for making barley bread.

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