Brown Rice Vinegar (148ML)

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Patiently made using a 1,000 year old method. Organic brown rice, koji, and spring water are blended and fermented outdoors in clay crocks and aged eight months. Precious, sweet, smooth, and mellow, Eden Brown Rice Vinegar enhances almost any food. With 4.5% acidity and 0 carbs per serving, this vinegar is great for inclusion in your keto lifestyle and in all clean and healthful kitchens. 

Eden Organic Brown Rice Vinegar is a refreshing and versatile seasoning. It is full bodied without the sharpness usually associated with vinegar. In cooking, brown rice vinegar helps to balance salt and adds interest by providing a stimulating contrast of flavours. Use it as you would any other fine vinegar. It is an excellent condiment sprinkled over vegetables and excellent on salads.

Eden Organic Brown Rice Vinegar is made from organically grown, cooked brown rice Oryza sative, koji Aspergillus oryzae, a small amount of seed vinegar from a previous batch and pure water. These ingredients are blended and placed in earthenware crocks that are partially buried outside in the earth, covered and fermented for about eight months. The enzymes in the koji break down the complex starches in the rice converting them to simple sugars, then alcohol, and finally acetic acid or vinegar. We bottle it in amber glass to protect nutrients, flavour and bouquet.

A vinegar that is labeled 'rice vinegar' does not assure its quality. Many commercial vinegars are synthetic products made from glacial acetic acid, a petroleum product. Others are made from alcohol produced for industrial use. Please avoid any vinegar labeled 'distilled,' as it is a most highly refined chemical, not food.

Authentic brown rice vinegar is considered a very healthful food in Japan and is served with almost every meal.

Rice vinegar was brought from China to Japan in the fourth century A.D. Natural rice vinegar maintained its popularity in Japan until the early 1900s when the cheaper alcohol vinegar brewing method was developed. Eden Organic Brown Rice Vinegar is the healthiest, original version.

Eden Organic Brown Rice Vinegar is excellent for making dressings and sauces.

Great chefs insist on this sweet traditional brew, now you can make it a part of your home cooking collection. This vinegar is amber glass protected, and has a functional dispenser cap.


Water, Organic Brown Rice, Koji.

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