Anvi Earth Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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  • 250ml, 24-Sep-2020

Anvi Earth comes to you from Kerala, a charming tropical paradise in the south of India. Inspired by the mystical beauty of the Goddess of the Forest, and informed by centuries of carefully guarded traditions, Anvi Earth brings to you a range of organically sourced produce from the groves of Kerala.

Wherever you roam in Kerala, you're never too far from a glorious coconut
tree. From its leaves to its root tips, every bit of the ubiquitous coconut tree is put to use here. But it is perhaps the oil carefully extracted from the kernel of matured coconuts that has had a most profound influence on Kerala's culture, cuisine and traditional medicine.

Anvi's Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is extracted using time-honoured methods, minimal processing techniques, and no heat or chemical solvents. The result is a creamy virgin coconut oil with surprises of nutty, almost sweet notes, as welcome as a cool breeze on a languorous tropical afternoon.

Their cold pressed oil fortifies and preserves all the goodness of coconut oil for you, whether you're planning a culinary adventure or using it as a creamer for your morning cuppa.