Vanessa Emslie - Registered Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Health Coach

Hi, my name is Vanessa.
I am a Registered Nutritionist (UK), with a M.Sc & B.Sc (Hons) in Personalised Nutrition & Nutritional Science that was taught alongside the Institute of Functional Medicine methodology.
I believe that everyone has different eating and health needs as we are biochemically unique, just like our DNA and fingerprints. As a registered UK Nutritionist, certified Nutrigeneticist, former chef, Ironman Endurance triathlete and Pilates Instructor, I promote real, delicious wholesome food that works best to nourish you, because your health is your most important possession.
Helping clients manage a range of complex medical and chronic conditions in conjunction with their Physicians, through the aid of nutrition and lifestyle interventions towards better health inspires me on a daily basis. Unravelling symptoms, managing intervention plans and delving into medical case histories to provide solutions to the causes of ill-health, remains my key focus and passion.
My training allows me to work with auto-immune conditions, metabolic, diabetic and insulin concerns (including PCOS, fatty liver disease), hyperlipidemia (cholesterol) and high blood pressure, cardiovascular health, cancer & chemotherapy-related support plans, allergy and intolerance management, celiac disease, Alzheimers and Brain health, Nutrigenomics and Genetics, and of course, working with athletes to prepare sports nutrition protocols.
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My favourite success story is very close to home, with my husband being recommended for statins at the age of 32. Only moderately overweight, and a previously dedicated swimmer and triathlete/allrounder for 20 years of his life, he was eating “well” but continuing to expand around the girth and his lipid blood markers up the chart.


Working at the time with the Real Meal Revolution Company in Cape Town (with Professor Tim Noakes) devising meal plans as a consultant Nutritionist, and entering into my Masters year, the opportunity to revolutionise our thinking on fat and diet with the meal plans I was developing was inevitable.


Fast forward 10 months on Keto, and my husband had lost 12kgs, had halved his cholesterol (across all 4 lipid markers of TC, LDL, HDL and TG); plus was raving to anyone who would listen as to how wonderful he felt. At the time, with a new born baby, master's degree and moving country again, my journey to low carb was much slower. I effortlessly lost my last 6kg of post baby weight simply by cutting out the stodgy rice, potatoes, bread and increased my fat intake.


No macro counting or anything too drastic (I was breastfeeding and for me, keto turned off my milk supply!), just slow and steady, feeling great everyday. I am now focused on ketogenic triathletes (my husband again, along with myself, keeping me busy) and looking into Functional Medicine Based, deep rooted imbalances that are either caused or amplified by weight, insulin resistance, plus longevity scenarios for cancer, autoimmunity and inflammation.


I am able to offer my clients a deep love and care, whilst sharing my passion for food, pilates, health and the science of research-based clinic nutrition and nutrigenomics for wellness. I’m a coach on the keto diet and lifestyle. I help my clients empower themselves to be their best versions – and it all starts with healthy eating.



My approach

 "One mans medicine is another man’s poison"


Every time we choose to eat something, we have the opportunity to either positively or negatively affect every cell in our body. Our choices can have a nourishing, healing effect, or, contribute to accelerating ageing, illness and poor health. I am a great believer in being physically active, as this supports energy, vitality and in most instances, great health.


My philosophy for healthy eating is not to put anyone on a diet or label them as such unless at their specific request. The principles I follow are rooted in the fundamental focus of individuality and uniqueness that everyone is. I do strongly adhere to simple, basic whole foods philosophies that can found in multiple well-managed healthy KETO, LOW CARB, AIP and PALEO protocols. But for my clients, I prefer to use these platforms as a basis from which to create something personalised so that we can help identify long term sustainable food choices that support and inspire you to achieve and maintain excellent health. Health is not about only weight-loss (if this is relevant); but also how we are energised, vibrant and full of life.


My aim is to provide real, substantiated scientific advice in order to choose the best foods and nutrients YOU need to optimise your health, supported with physical activity. I also consider how my suggestions support living in today’s fast paced world; where eating out, children’s parties, supper-on-the-run and chocolate cravings or a glass of wine are a reality!


I use the 80-20 rule for almost everything - including my family's nutrition (which is my biggest discussion point!). We eat very well 80% of the time, which allows us to relax and enjoy the treats and not-so-good things the remaining 20%. It's all about finding sustainable balance. Sometimes we do more, sometimes we do less. But every chance to eat is considered and enjoyed. There are no ‘bad’ foods, no negative phrases and for the most part, a general excitement around what we are having for dinner each evening.


With my thesis in nutrigenomics, I am also able to provide further insight into reasons for health concerns and traits that may be linked to genetic profiling. As an accredited DNA genetic testing provider, the choice for you to complete genetic testing can also be incorporated to further tailor your specific plan. It provides wonderful insights and a long-term view for possible health outcomes; but it is certainly NOT an essential test by any means.


My Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training helps uncover any psychological barriers that may help enable long-term change. I want to help my clients “unlock” their potential, to improve their self-confidence and to move forward with positivity.


Beside supplying dietary analysis, diet, supplement & lifestyle advice, I can supply menu and recipe ideas, shopping and cooking classes. I also lecture in food and nutrition, delivering bespoke nutrition and wellness workshops for corporates or professionals.

My training

Nutritional Science is the scientific study of how the body responds both metabolically and physiologically to diet, as well as external factors such as environmental impacts, genetics, activity levels and lifestyle influences. Understanding metabolism and how disease and illness affects our metabolic pathways, is the underlying ethos of the way I believe nutrition can influence and support good health.


My training has been using the Institute of Functional Medicine programme, which is a science-based method that assesses the underlying causes of symptoms using a functional matrix and timeline history which is often key to solving concerns. Using an integrated approach, this allows me to work with individuals to address nutritional balance and help support the body towards maintaining health, i.e. treating the whole person and not just alleviating symptoms.


I completed a 3 year Food Science Degree in Cape Town in the late 1990’s, followed with a Chef’s Diploma and some time spent crafting my skills as a pastry chef. For anyone wanting any delicious meal plans that are still healthy, I can help! I worked at various Food Retailers in South Africa (Pick 'n Pay & Woolworths) and then departed for Marks and Spencer in the UK. After a few years, I moved into the field of Marketing and Advertising, finishing up back home in South Africa again working with Powerade and SA Rugby Union.


I then completed my 3 year B. Sc(Hons) in Nutritional Science followed by a M.Sc in Personalised Nutrition; both from Middlesex, London, UK. I undertook my BASI Pilates training after 10 years of being an active Pilates student, and many diplomas and certificates to compliment my love of health. I am registered with the British Nutritionist Association (requiring CPD undertakings each year) and am currently completing my Post Graduate Certificate course in Immunology based in the USA.

Qualifications & Professional Associations

  • MSc Personalised Nutrition Uni Middlesex, UK, 1yr
  • BSc (Hons) Nutritional Science Uni Middlesex, UK, 3yr
  • Registered Nutritionist (UK)
    Member of Institute of Functional Medicine
  • BASI pilates instructor
  • Chef’s Course 1yr (Cape Town, SA)
  • Food Technology 3yr Diploma (Cape Town, SA)
  • Paediatric Nutrition Diploma, AUS
  • Food & Allergies Diploma, UK
  • NLP Life Coach
  • Nutrigenomics Certified


  • 8 week Program
  • Kickstart Plan
  • Wellness Plan



AED 1000 Investment in your health


What's Included

  • One overview functional nutrition analysis
  • Overview personalised KETO/LCHF Protocol (includes strategies, macros, focus areas)
  • Access to my custom Nutrition “WELLBYNESS” platform for the KETO-ME-UP programme app for 2-3 relevant education modules per week (all content is written and developed by myself and thus copyrighted) so that you are informed and educated on all various Keto and LCHF related topics. This includes the basics of Nutrition, Ketosis, Shopping Lists and Ingredients, trouble shooting on Keto/LCHF, weight-loss strategies, how to build your meal plans, some recipes and more.
  • App-based Food journal reviews with personalized suggestions and feedback
  • One month’s Q&A support through the app for the 8 week programme


A Good Fit If

  • You are beginning Keto, are already doing Keto but need more insight to improve your results or simply want to learn more about this way of life.
  • You are looking for a budget friendly personalized nutrition KETO-LCHF service that still delivers exceptional nutritional advice and some support, then this is it!



AED 2000 Investment in your health/pm


What's Included

  • One functional nutrition analysis and online counselling session
  • Overview Protocol with focus and elimination areas, that may include a week’s meal plans, supplement recommendations, nutrition handouts, meal planning tools, meal plans and/or grocery shopping guides that are relevant to your specific needs.  
  • One month’s Q&A support (capped at 2hrs)


A Good Fit If

  • You want to hone in on one or two very specific health issues or topics that could be as diverse as: beginning Keto, adapting your lifestyle, managing high cholesterol /BP / Insulin sensitivity, Support with implementing Vegan/Vegetarian Diets, how to effectively implement low-carb/keto-for-athletes and related feeling strategies,
  • You are need a professional, personalized nutrition plan that gives you specific solutions, ideas and assistance in kickstarting your health.



AED 3000 Investment in your Health/pm


What's Included

  • 1 month of prepaid nutrition counseling online which includes one initial nutrition counseling session + 2 follow up telephonic sessions
  • A DETAILED HEALTH ANALYSIS and PROTOCOL detailing all the relevant points, actions and recommendations plus a guideline of the macronutrients (and necessary micronutrients) needed.
  • 1 WEEK SAMPLE MEAL PLAN showing how this protocol would work in reality.
  • Suggested RECIPES on the Meal Plan, or those that I feel would be particularly relevant based on your current heath objectives
  • Nutrition handouts, meal planning tools, meal plans and/or grocery shopping label guides as indicated
  • App-based Food journal reviews with personalized suggestions and feedback
  • Without EDUCATION and knowledge, initial good intentions are often waylaid by lack of understanding. Log into my app for 2-3 relevant education modules per week (all content is written and developed by myself and thus copyrighted) so that you are informed. These topics can be general information, or focus on specific conditions and ailments comment to all clients.  
  • SUPPLEMENT & FUNCTIONAL TESTING recommendations (if necessary) to support your healing and optimal function.
  • UNLIMITED SUPPORT for ONE MONTH to help you successfully adopt these agreed changes, bounce off ideas and get you through any sticky patches.
  • Subsequent months if needed are charged at AED 2000/pm.


A Good Fit If

  • You want to change your life and reset your health and wellness.
  • You have complex nutrition or wellness issues and you need focused support, guidance and accountability while navigating a new lifestyle and regime.
  • This can be as diverse as autoimmune conditions, cancer-prevention strategies and chemotherapy support, depression, metabolic syndrome, infertility, arthritis to give you some sense of the scope I am trained to assist with

Long term health and wellness is your primary focus, and you need the assistance of a Professional Registered Nutritionist to navigate these complex health concerns, and support any medical management with your Physician.