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Monday Mayhem

Every Monday, we will be running a special promotion for ingfit customers and members of our Facebook group, Keto & Primal Health UAE. The promotion will open midnight every Sunday and will run for 24 hours, closing promptly at midnight on Monday.

We will post details and the promo code in the Facebook group every Monday and we’ll send an email out to all of our existing customers too.

Our Facebook group is closed so if you’d like to get involved, head over to our page here and ask for an invite.

If you’re not a social media fan, you just need to be part of our email list to take part. If you’re not already signed up, there’s a sign up box at the very bottom of this page :)

Expiring products

    Moon Cheese

    Reduced from AED 19.50 to AED 14.50.

    • Pepper Jack - 22/09/2019
    • Gouda - 04/10/2019

    ButtaNut Squeeze Packs

    25% discount until stocks last.

    • Roasted Almond: 10/10/2019
    • Cinnamon Macadamia: 30/10/2019
    • Honey Almond: 42/10/2019

    Adapt Your Life Protein Bars

    Our Adapt Your Life protein bars are simply awesome and the lowest carb protein bar in the UAE.

    However, they are very soft and chewy and have been squashed in our warehouse.

    Because of this, and because they expire on 1st Dec 2019, we have decided to reduce the price to an amazing AED 8 per bar

    The Adapt team are revising their entire range so this offer will be on until stocks last.

    Alpro Unroasted Almond Milk

    Expiry 21/10/2019 - 25% discount

    Bulk offers

    Quest Bars – Box of 12

    If you’re hungry for Quest Nutrition’s awesome protein bars why not save some $$$ by snagging a box of 12 and save a whopping 20%. The normal price is AED 12.50, grab 12 for AED 120 which is only AED 10 per bar.

    To redeem this offer, use Promo Code "Quest20%" at checkout

    Fulfil Bars – Box of 15

    Our retail price for Fulfil Bars is AED 13.50. Buy a box of 15 and snag them for AED 12.15 each, that's 10% off! To redeem this offer, all you need to do is add 15 bars to your cart and the discount will be applied automatically. Click this link to let us take you there. 

    *Please note these discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount code*