Get your meal plan on with an awesome deal with one of our ingfit approved partners as part of our weight loss program

The meal plan delivery market in the UAE is extremely crowded, however, not all companies are created equally. The majority of F&B companies across the UAE use unhealthy ingredients such as refined sugar and vegetable oils. If you've been following us for a while, you'd get why this is an issue but if you're a newbie you might like to check out this page for more information and this article on vegetable oils. It goes without saying that we only endorse companies that are using super clean ingredients and share our passion for clean ingredients. You can learn more about our meal delivery partners below and take advantage of amazing discounts on a trial package through our weight loss program.


Abu Dhabi based Basiligo have been providing meal plans across the UAE for over two years. Each meal features natural, clean ingredients with no preservatives, added chemicals, or colorings.

We can vouch for this as we have tried their meal plans ourselves and worked in partnership with them to ensure all of their ingredients meet our high standards:

  • Free from added refined sugars
  • Free from harmful vegetable oils
  • Free from harmful sweeteners such as Maltitol
  • Low in cab and keto friendly

How it works

Your meal plan will be completely designed and developed by one of their in-house nutritionists and customized based on your health goals and preferred ingredients. You can choose either meals from breakfast to dinner or just two main meals.

  • Prepared with delicious full-fat dairy options with an abundance of keto-approved ingredients and protein to fulfill your nutritional requirements.
  • Gluten free plan available
  • Quality ingredients including superfoods, premium meat, and fresh vegetables (never frozen!)
  • Prepared from scratch. No processed foods. No added refined sugars.
  • No preparation or cooking needed.

Nutritionist approved calories count and macro nutrients measured.

  • Serving you food fuel that changes your metabolism, heals your gut, and enables weight loss.

One you make your purchase, we will pass on your details and one of their nutrition experts will contact you to walk you through the next steps.


  • Fresh daily meals delivered to you in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Al Ghadeer, and Ras Al Khaimah.
  • Food-grade cooler bag with ice packs for optimum freshness.
  • Flexible delivery times morning or evening.


Be More Keto, a Dubai-based company, offers tasty, healthy, full-service Keto Meal Plans. They focus on helping our achieve their keto and low carb goals and maintain the ketogenic lifestyle. Being the sister company of the well-known and popular brand Keto Goodies Dubai, we can be sure that Be More Keto delivers:

  • Fresh, high quality ingredients
  • A delicious menu that is always low carb and keto friendly
  • Transparent: macro-nutritional content provided with each meal deliver
  • Our meals are 100% Sugar Free and Gluten Free

How it works

Their All Day Keto Menu is what's included in our program which consists of Breakfast, Lunch with sides, Dinner with sides and an amazing keto-friendly dessert. Upon confirmation, the Be More Keto team team will contact you to tailor our menu to your needs, restrictions and tastes.


Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain only.