Lee Sandwith - Keto Coach



I’m Lee, the founder of ingfit.


ingfit started out as a small project to write a small nutrition guide in response from requests from lots of people for me to share my weight loss secrets.

See, for most of my life I've really struggled with my weight but when I turned 30 I decided to do something about it. I did some research and found that weight loss is a pretty simple endeavour and, after applying my newly acquired knowledge, I lost the weight fairly quickly (28kg no less).


Once I had that in order, my interest in fitness and nutrition turned into something of a mild obsession and for the last 10+ years my focus has been towards trying to get that elusive six pack. I've had some pretty decent results having gotten down to about 8% body fat but keeping things on track is always a constant struggle for me.


That said, I've been in pretty good shape for the last 10 years and my fitness has been at a pretty high standard since I started out back when I was 30. Now that I've crossed over the line into my 40s, I'm less concerned with getting a six pack and more interested in the more complex world of longevity.


In around 2014 I stumbled upon the ketogenic diet and immediately started a journey of self-experimentation as I was sold the idea that it was the golden bullet for getting super lean. Alas, it's not, but having done a tonne of research I've learned that the benefits stretch wide, especially in relation to longevity.


At the peak of my journey, I would say I was in ketosis for a straight 12 months and had a stretch of 2 years when I was in and out of ketosis. Now, though, I adopt a more flexible approach to my diet and consider keto as one of the ‘tools’ in the wellness toolbox which I draw upon when required.

My own personal transformation

My approach

 "One size does not fit all"


The majority of people are looking to start keto for one reason: weight loss. And that’s fair as it’s possible to see some pretty dramatic results in a very short period of time. Keto works, there is no doubt about that.


However, keto is not for everyone and it should be treated with caution as there are a number of potential risks. For that reason, weight loss is only one piece of the puzzle as it’s still possible to be in ketosis but be on a very unhealthy path.


Whilst I’m interested in helping you achieve your weight loss goals, I also want to look at the overall picture to ensure everything is on the right track in terms of your holistic wellness.


As such, as your coach, as well as supporting you towards achieving your immediate weight loss goals, my goal is to also educate you along the way so by the time our time is over, you can fly solo towards your own wellness destiny.

My experience with keto

Most people in the UAE have had relatively short experience with the ketogenic diet and it’s rare to find someone with over 12 months experience. This results in a lot of misinformation about what the ketogenic diet is and is not and it’s common to hear about what foods are “keto” and “not keto”.


This is a false approach as ketosis is a metabolic state which is initiated by a certain set of variables.


The main lever is carbohydrate intake but other factors contribute such as physical exercise, hormones and genetics. The complexity arises as there is a huge variation from person to person so what works for some, doesn’t work for others.


This calls for a personalised approach to nutrition which is central to my philosophy on health coaching.




In my early career I specifically spent several years as a professional coach, however, coaching has been an integral part of my role for my entire professional career. As such, with 20+ years corporate experience I have a lot of skin in the game from a coaching standpoint.


Whilst I do not hold a formal “health coaching” certification, I do hold a number of formal nutritional credentials and I am studying towards a Masters in Clinical Nutrition which is expected to complete in early 2019.


  • Ongoing: Aberdeen University – Masters in Clinical Nutrition.
  • Sunderland University - 1st class BSc (hons) in Biological Sciences
  • British Nutrition Foundation – An introduction to healthy eating and nutrition
  • The College for Nutrition – Level 5 Nutritional Studies


  • Introductory Call
  • Pay Monthly



If you either need to have a discussion with someone to get things going or you’d like to discuss your options for more comprehensive support, this option is for you:


  • High level goal planning and objective setting
  • Keto basics
  • Recommended blood tests
  • Meal planning advice
  • Calculating macros
  • Support and guidance
  • Products & supplements
  • Ketone and glucose testing

If you’re in Dubai we can try to meet in person or if it’s easier we can schedule an online consultation.




If you need more comprehensive support to get your journey started, I have a limited capacity for taking clients on with more intense support.


This will be much more comprehensive, ‘always on’ support. You will get everything from the one hour consultation plus:


  • More detailed goal planning and objective setting
  • More comprehensive support on meal plan development
  • Weekly one hour check in (in person or online)
  • Always on support (WhatsApp, phone)
  • Ingfit keto starter kit worth AED 599
  • Coaching on biomarker testing
  • Advice and guidance on building an exercise plan