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We understand how it feels to be completely lost, or to think you're doing everything right and still not succeed... which is why we created our Doctor Approved Keto Course.

Your guide to being the absolute best version of you.


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I grew up in a typical Indian family, where carbs were king. I never imagined I could enjoy life without my rice or my breads.

There is loads of free information online, so I wondered why I should PAY for information... but this course cut through the noise and showed me exactly what to listen to and what to ignore.

It gave me easy to follow steps to get myself on keto, and enough education and motivation to make this a healthy way of life for myself and my family.

No heart disease or diabetes for us thank you! And I finally have the energy to be active again and enjoy life to its fullest!


After years of struggling with inflammation, gastro issues, and obesity, I finally discovered keto.

This course offered the perfect amount of accountability, expertise, and support. It’s both holistic and structured, empowering you with practical tools to make a lifestyle change and get results.

I’m halfway into my weight loss journey, but I’m all the way into my healing one.

Out of all the resources available, this is what finally worked for me and continues to be the most sustainable.

Get the foundation you need and you will be on the right track.


The Keto lifestyle has really improved my quality of life.

Since completing this course and applying the principles, I have more energy and a clearer mind.

My relationship with food has completely changed and I can now also do intermittent fasting which I thought I would never be able to do.

I had never been able to follow any diet. But once I got educated about the basic principles that underly keto through this course, I could finally take my weight and my wellness into my own hands.

I fully recommend this course for anyone who wants to make a permanent lasting change.

Be Your Own Success Story

7 doctor approved modules

15 years of learning condensed

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Here's what experts are saying

An easy, well-structured guide to ketogenic lifestyles. Everything you need to understand the basics and start following a ketogenic diet safely is built into a compact course.

Packed with fun videos and quizzes.

A great tool for anyone who is contemplating following or knowing more about ketogenic diets.


Dr Ali Al Lawati

Keto for weight loss and has become a popular craze, bringing with it many misconceptions and much confusion. If done incorrectly can actually worsen physiology.

ingfit's Keto Course is a comprehensive walk-through which dispels myths and highlights benefits. It elegantly guides and inspires all the way to desired results.


Dr Faryal Luhar

As an endocrinologist and anti-aging specialist, my goal is to optimise health in the most natural way, and diet is exactly that!

Keto has helped many of my patients to reverse type 2 diabetes, lose weight and get back to their best version of health.

This Keto Course is the ideal way to succeed at Keto all on your own!


Dr Feruza Gafarova

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