Shirley - Keto Coach DXB

Hi all,


My name is Shirley, and I am a certified Ketogenic Coach. I have lost over 22kg of weight on my Ketogenic journey after decades of being overweight.


Before Keto, I was always trying fad diets, pills and over exerting myself in the gym. I was unhappy with myself and after 5 operations and many health issues, I finally came across the Keto diet and started my journey. At that point I was experiencing severe stress in my personal life and was gaining weight exponentially.


I started the diet with very little knowledge and only Google as my guide. I began to lose weight and then I hit a plateau. Therefore, I did not feel the Keto euphoria much talked about. So I decided to find a coach as a more reliable guide than Google, which only led to more questions and others around me asking for help.


In 2017, I decided to get my certification and help women and men not only lose weight but also treat conditions like chronic fatigue, diabetes, cholesterol and help women with PCOS to get pregnant. Over the years, Keto has not only given me control over my intense sugar cravings, emotional dependence on food but it has also given me the self-confidence in other areas of my life.



There are many variations of Keto and it is not a one type fits all. During our initial consultation, we will discuss your background, experiences, challenges, and personal fitness goals. Our time together will be focused on building a relationship and mutual understanding of what needs to be done for you to reach your full potential, so you are able to easily incorporate into your current lifestyle.




During our consultation, we will discuss every aspect of the ketogenic diet. I will explain in simple terms everything you need to know in order to be successful. For example, the benefits of ketosis, how long it takes to get into ketosis, how to measure ketones, and how much weight you can expect to lose, how to avoid 'Keto flu,’ and many more topics! However, please keep in mind that results, whether in kilos, inches or blood test results will vary considerably from one individual to another and are therefore, extremely subjective.




You will receive a personalized ketogenic diet program based on your unique goals. Your easy-to-follow plan can be implemented for a lifetime along with your individual macro- and micro-nutrients requirements that will change accordingly during our journey together.





I will help you create meals that are 'Keto friendly' and explain what types of foods are best to eat, and when to eat them. I will teach you how to easily increase your fat intake, keep protein under control, and minimize carb intake. Also, I will teach you meal preparation and how to avoid 'carb cravings'.




I will teach you how to accurately track your food intake to ensure you are doing the diet correctly and achieving results as fast as possible. Your macros will be provided for you. You will be required to send me a screenshot of your 'daily food log'. This is to ensure you are on track and being held accountable!




I will send you a full grocery list that includes 'Keto friendly' foods and beverages. This will make your trip to the grocery store quick and painless! Also, you will learn which foods to avoid, and which foods to eat in moderation.




I will check-in with you for daily weigh-ins and weekly measurements to make sure you are on track, discuss your progress, and make any necessary changes to your program.


It's my passion and mission to see you take back control of your life again and be the healthiest version of yourself. This lifestyle will transform you from the inside out!


I want to guide you on your journey back to health. I was always the overweight woman living in the shadows, thinking that being slim and fit was impossible.


Friend, if I can do it... anyone can and I will help you get there!