Jessy Selameh - Nutritionist & certified ketogenic lifestyle coach covering GCC, in English, French and Arabic

My journey living a Ketogenic Lifestyle


Most of us have been on and off diets throughout our lives. From meticulously calorie counting, to completely starving, to juicing. All of which resulted in yoyo weight change, emotional stress, and of course an unhealthy lifestyle. It's been four years since I decided to take charge of my diet and I have been living a ketogenic lifestyle since.


I am a proud wife and mother of two, and I am very passionate about nutrition and healthy living. My pregnancies marked the start of my journey with the ketogenic lifestyle. I gained 25 kg as I got pregnant with my first child, and another 25 kg with my second, only one year apart. After placing myself on a keto diet for 6 months, I was able to lose the extra weight I carried and get back in shape. I was mind blown by the impact it had, and all the other benefits that came with it.


I then started to question everything that I have learned about food, nutrition, and the impact it has on our lives. After researching, studying and experimenting, I discovered that it is the best way to burn fat, improve level of energy, increase mental clarity, prevent diseases and live a healthier lifestyle!


I have put behind me a successful 20-year corporate career in the financial market, and I am now following my dream, pursuing a path to help others become the happiest healthiest version of themselves.


I will work with you to transform your health, with the purpose of improving the overall quality of life for you and your family. You will shed the body fat, optimize your weight, reset your metabolism, fuel your brain, and finally get rid of the sugar and carb addiction.


However, Keto is not the answer to everyone’s problem, and it has to be managed with caution. My family and I only eat real, clean wholesome food, with Healthy fat! We do not include any processed, artificial, low fat, sugary food in our home. I recommend a similar personalized healthy diet for my clients to help them achieve their goals.


I am passionate about healthy living, and would be proud to become a part of the success and happiness of all the amazing people on a mission to improve their health.

My approach to our journey

Based on the difference in genetics and taste, your nutritional needs differ from others. We are all travellers in this biochemical journey, but our vehicles vary. The sooner that you realize this individualized reality, the better. I believe that each individual deserves unique attention, inspiration, and nutrition. Hence, my programs are customized to the needs and goals of each person looking to live a healthier life.


When we start our journey, we will assess your goals and create a tailored plan to achieve them.


  • I will be available when you need me: We will be communicating on a daily basis to discuss any issue, give you guidance, and get feedback on your food intake. I will be there for you throughout the entire program.


  • We will meet once a week: Our meetings are set to discuss your progress, measure the level of ketone in your blood, and plan for the week ahead.


  • I will make your keto-awareness and education a priority: The objective is for you to be equipped to continue the journey after our program together comes to an end. I include Nutrition and Keto education on a daily basis. This is the part where you learn and unlearn. I include a 4-week keto menu as well, which you can follow at the end of our journey.


  • I include in my program a 20 minute HIIT exercise that you can do at home: You can get the benefits being on a ketogenic diet without exercising. However, I believe that adding fitness to your routines is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and accelerating fat loss.


  • I aim to make this journey as easy as possible for you: We can customize the menus for you to cook at home with basic cooking skills, or advanced cooking skills. In addition, I will as customize the program for entirely eating out / ordering in from your favourite restaurants.


Your nutritional journey matters to me, and I would love to be part of your success story!