the affiliate program you've been waiting for!

Welcome to the ingfit affiliate program! Your chance to make some money while recommending the products you have come to know and love. The perfect program for keto affiliates, health and wellness affiliates, fitness affiliates and general lifestyle affiliates here in Dubai and the UAE and internationally!

affiliates say

"I love ingfit's affiliate marketing program! I'm making some great passive income just recommending my friends from both here in Dubai and the UAE and international destinations for the courses! Commissions are competitive and I'm making more money here than with some of the bigger sites like Amazon and iHerb. Signing up as an ingfit affiliate either locally or internationally is something you won't regret!"

― Shirley D' Souza

"This is a great passive income to have ticking away in the background. ingfit's affiliate program offers a variety of margins, and includes more higher margin products as they grow! I'm definitely making the most commission on their weight loss course which I can share with friends and followers both in the UAE and internationally. Becoming an ingfit affiliate was easy and I would recommend it to anyone looking to increase their online earning portfolio."

― Nick Drewe

the ingfit affiliate marketing model

ingfit's affiliate marketing program is competitive and rewarding. UAE affiliates can earn great commissions on physical products from the store as well as higher commissions on our online courses.

International affiliates can earn money through followers in Dubai and the UAE, as well as earning higher commissions through our internationally available courses and weight loss programs. This product selection is in its infancy, so expect more of these sorts higher commission products coming soon.

ingfit offers affiliates a standard 5% on the entire inventory of products, and higher commissions (up to 10%) on our higher margin partners.

Our affiliate margins on our online weight loss programs both here in the UAE and internationally are extremely competitive and make signing up an absolute win. Our pilot online program is just the beginning and ingfit will soon be rolling out a wider variety of high ticket items that increase the value of becoming an ingfit affiliate here in the UAE or internationally.

We can't wait to have you aboard!