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Our mission is the UAE’s first “One Stop Keto Shop”, created so UAE ketoers can source high quality products locally, instead of having to source them internationally.

We commit to finding the best keto friendly products from around the world and doing all of the hard work so you don’t have to.

Our approach

In the traditional ketogenic diet, a macronutrient ratio of 4:1: is the target, meaning 4 parts fat, 1 part from a combination of carbs and protein. This normally results in 80-85% of calories coming from dietary fat and very very small quantities of daily carbs.

The end game of this approach was increased levels of Beta Hydroxybuterate (BHB) in the bloodstream, the main and most famous ketone body.

BHB is an interesting molecule as it is associated with a range of health benefits including, most famously, the treatment of epilepsy in (this is actually why the original 4:1 diet was developed).

The good news is that nutritional ketosis can also be achieved by following a somewhat less strict diet than the 85% fat approach by using what has been coined a “modified ketogenic diet” where the carbs are slightly higher, fat lower.

In a modified ketogenic diet, low carb is the means, not the end; BHB in the bloodstream is the goal so you can reap all of those awesome health benefits.

Given the major barrier of compliance associated with the 4:1 diet, the modified ketogenic diet is the one we advocate as it is much more achievable and offers the same benefits.

Following this logic, this has implications for food as essentially anything goes as long as you hit your daily macro targets.

Our products

Whilst most of our products are geared towards the ketogenic diet, ALL of them will fit a generally healthy lifestyle, notably paleo and ancestral diets.

The products we source are rigourously vetted by our team of experts so you can be sure that there are no malicious ingredients, especially sugar, harmful oils and questionable sweeteners.


At ingfit, we are strong advocates of the ketogenic diet as we believe that it is a powerful tool to promote holistic health and longevity.

That said, people respond to the ketogenic diet in different ways and we strongly believe that the diet is not for everybody.

There are multiple efficacious approaches to diet available and finding out what works for YOU should be an integral part of your journey towards optimizing health.

We strongly recommend that you do your own research and take responsibility for your own health. We have put together a collection of useful resources for beginners over at so if you’re a newbie please take a look.

We also have a closed Facebook group where we host a growing community of keto-heads where you can post questions and get support and direction from more seasoned advocates.

If you have any doubts about whether keto is right for you, please consult with a medical practitioner before you start and if you experience any adverse effects, you should consider whether the diet is right for you.

Although we are a team of highly qualified nerds, and we have an extremely qualified Medical Director on board, none of the content on or should be taken as medical advice.

Please treat any of our content as intended in that it should be used as a component part of your growing knowledge. Content is based on our opinions considering the current facts available in the ever evolving realm of science. As the facts change, our opinions may change J

Of particular importance: many of our products contain allergens, such as nuts, so please read the labels thoroughly to ensure any products you purchase are suitable for you.

You purchase and consume any products from at your own risk: remember, your health is your own responsibility.