We Care About the Environment

Our Approach to Climate Change

Our core mission is to support people with their health and wellness, but we also care about the environment.

Given that we deliver foods across the UAE, and manage international shipments, our business impacts the environment through carbon emmissions.

But rest assured, we are doing our bit for the environment and are certified Climate Positive by Our Forest.

What we do

Being certified Climate Positive means that we are removing more carbon from the atmosphere than we generate through our business operations.

Our Forest assessed our business and calculated that we would need to plant 0.2 trees for every order to off-set our carbon emissions.

The great news is we decided to double that to go one step further, qualifying as certified Climate Positive, a higher status that Carbon Neutral.

How it works

The model is very simple.

Our Forest plants trees automatically for every order placed through our site for a small fee per tree.

They have multiple projects ongoing worldwide, and we are contributing to those in Madagascar and Haiti.

There’s nothing for you to do as a customer as we are making the contributions through our revenues.

We have not increased our prices to cater for this either, the contributions come from our profits.

You can simply be satisfied in the knowledge that every order not only improves your health, but also the environment.

With every order supporting planting trees, we are all part of the solution, not the problem.

Find out more

For more information on the projects and how many trees we have planted, you can head over to our profile page on Our Forest.