Bronwyn MacRitchie - Health Coach



I’m Bronwyn, Primal Health Coach and Business Development Director at ingfit.


I’ve been overweight my entire life, extremely overweight as a teenager and then most of my adult life I have swung between mildly overweight to bordering on obese. Since age 13 I have always been on some kind of a diet or fad. I tried amphetamine diet pills in my teens, went for days without eating and then binged and purged. Thankfully the purging didn’t stick, but the binging has come and gone always, and is still not a mountain I have not fully climbed. I tried weight watchers, injections, diet plans from doctors, the lemon juice maple syrup diet. I always lost weight, and I always gained it back... with interest!


I eventually tried raw veganism (yes, I know). This was the first time I started to understand the purpose of the nutritional factor of food, and became so fascinated with this ocean of knowledge that I got my certification as a Raw Nutritionist through the David Wolfe Institute. However, I wasn’t in perfect health, and my gut certainly wasn’t a fan of that way of life.

While I may have lost weight, I never actually FELT better.  

A few more bumps along the way and I finally arrived with a screeching halt at keto.

With a very basic understanding of keto, and learning to find my way around the weight room in the gym, I managed to lose 10 kilos, bringing me into a healthy weight range for my height.


Now that I had my healthy lifestyle choice firmly in place, with my weight finally stabilized (MOSTLY, I mean we all walk this human journey), my health struggles changed.

Because weight isn’t the only thing that concerns me anymore, I have finally have the space to look at my problems with sleep and hormones which have lead me to uncover an inactive pituitary gland which has induced hypothyroidism.  


However, to be sitting in the endocrinologist's office and have him tell me that it is incredible that I am not obese with how low my thyroid hormones are is full testament to the fact that our lifestyle choices can turn our genetics on and off. Because of my consistent healthy food choices, exercise behavior and improvements in sleep hygiene, my body has been able to keep me at a healthy weight.


Please note I say healthy. My familial genes are definitely (as my mother would put it) from ‘good peasant stock’ meaning that no matter how many hill sprints I do or how much I deadlift, I’m still not going to be a cover model.  


But, the changes that have happened and continue to happen in my body as I walk this road have blown me away. I had never imagined I would be able to see my hamstrings, but there they are! It had never crossed my mind that I would be able to lift more than my own body weight, but I can, and the sense of empowerment it gives me as I walk out of the gym into my everyday life is something I couldn’t buy anywhere else.

Excellence over perfection

When the right lifestyle building blocks are in place everything becomes possible.


My family and friends have come to know a more confident, happy and self assured me. And I am proud to say that since this journey began for me many of them have asked me for support. I have been in the position to offer it and have supported many people in my life to significant weight loss and strength gains.


When people see the change you are living and how it radiates from you they want a part in it, and that is the biggest compliment I could ever have received. This is what drove me to complete my Primal Health Coaching Certification, I wanted to be qualified to share the magic.


My journey has changed my outlook in that I have realized I’m not just here to survive. I am here to thrive. My body is capable of so much more than I ever believed it was and it LIKES doing those things.  


I am stronger, both physically and emotionally than I ever though possible, and so is every one of my future clients. They just haven’t realized it yet.

My approach

I am a strong believer in discovering each client’s own personal goals, struggles and strength, and approaching each human individually from there. Each client will have a completely different experience depending on what it is that needs to be developed in their lives at the point when I step in.


While I am an advocate of keto, and believe in its benefits, I do not believe there is a one size fits all way of life for everyone, and so it is likely that we may try a few things until we find an approach that fits best for YOU and YOUR body.


If you are looking for someone to be hard on you and drag you along the way, then I’m not the coach you are looking for!


If you are looking for someone who views you as a whole being made of many parts, and is willing to walk what may be a bumpy and sometimes overwhelming path right beside you, reminding you of your inner power along the way, then maybe I would be a good fit.


My ultimate goal is not to be your coach forever. Think of me like the training wheels on a bicycle… I’m here to give you the confidence, education and tools you need to be able to experience that incredible feeling of riding all on your own with the wind in your hair knowing you just achieved something MASSIVE!

My experience with keto

I started keto way back at the beginning of 2017, and have pretty much stayed keto since then. Being obsessed with the science of it, the structure of my keto diet has changed along the way according to things I’m trying out or working with, however I would say for the majority of the last two years I’ve been in ketosis. With some carb re-feeds along the way of course! I now like to switch between keto, paleo and even carnivore, as I value metabolic flexibility.


Ketosis being a metabolic state which can be measured through blood BHB levels and breath acetone levels. It is this state that brings the plethora of health benefits lauded by many.


I do NOT believe that foods are ‘keto’ or ‘not keto’, and everyone’s carb tolerance is different. So, if we work together we will find what works best for YOUR body.



I have been a teacher for 12 years, my entire professional career since completing university. Having taught every age from adult to pre-school, as well as every level of competence, I have gained the ability to find the best method of communication and education for the individual sitting in front of me.


What works for one student certainly will not work for another, and it is this knowledge that I have brought with me to my coaching. I have the ability to get a sense for how to best ‘reach’ my clients, how to find what it is that will motivate them most to be the best version of themselves and amplify that, what it is that will help them to understand the ‘why’ of the advice I’m giving them, and delivering it in that manner. Because until we fully understand the why it’s very challenging to put in the daily effort to get to the what.


  • Primal Health Coaching Certification – The Primal Academy
  • Raw Nutrition Certification – David Wolfe
  • Masters in Education – Murdoch University
  • CELTA certificate – Cambridge University
  • Postgraduate Honors Degree in English – University of KZN
  • Bachelor of Arts – English Studies – University of KZN


  • Introductory Call
  • Pay Monthly



If you either need to have a discussion with someone to work out your macros and get some direction, or you’d like to decide whether you and I are a good fit then this one is for you:


  • Discussion of goal setting and realistic targets
  • Troubleshooting of difficulties you may be facing
  • Keto basics
  • Recommended blood tests
  • Meal planning advice
  • Calculating macros
  • Recommended supplements

This would be a telephone or online consultation.





If you need more comprehensive support to get your journey started, I have a limited capacity for taking clients on with more intense support.


This will be like having someone to turn to in difficult moments, when making decisions, when you are unsure about a product or ingredient, and when you just need some support. You will get everything from the one hour consultation plus:


  • Optional home visit to help you understand what in your cupboards will work and what won’t and why
  • Supermarket trip to learn about reading labels and how to check carb content on the go
  • More detailed goal planning and objective setting, with followups
  • Weekly one hour check in (in person or online)
  • Meal planning ideas and support
  • Always on support (WhatsApp, phone)
  • Ingfit keto starter kit worth AED 599
  • Coaching on biomarker testing
  • Advice and guidance on building an exercise plan that matches your goals