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lee-sandwith-profile-thumbIngfit is was created in 2013 by me, Lee Sandwith. It started out as a small project to write a small nutrition guide in response from requests from lots of people for me to share my weight loss secrets. See, for most of my life I've really struggled with my weight but when I turned 30 I decided to do something about it. I did some research and found that weight loss is a pretty simple endeavour and, after applying my newly acquired knowledge, I lost the weight fairly quickly (28kg no less). Once I had that in order, my interest in fitness and nutrition turned into something of a mild obsession and for the last 10 years or so my focus has been towards trying to get that elusive six pack.

I've had some pretty decent results having gotten down to about 8% body fat but keeping things on track is always a constant struggle for me. That said, I've been in pretty awesome shape for the last 10 years and my fitness has been at a pretty high standard since I started out back when I was 30. Now that I've crossed over the line into my 40s, I'm less concerned with getting a six pack and more interested in the more complex world of longevity. I've also been writing about my struggle with alcohol and completed a challenge to stay sober for the whole of 2015. If you're interested, you can read about that by checking out these articles. Lee Sandwith weight loss My new obsession is ketosis and the ketogenic diet. I started experimenting with ketosis in mid-2015 as I was sold the idea that it was the golden bullet for getting super lean. Alas, it's not, but having done a tonne of research I've learned that the benefits stretch wide, especially in relation to longevity. I've had some very interesting results with ketosis, some good, some bad. So watch this space for more on that: my plan is to evolve ingfit from a site primarily dedicated to weight loss to a useful ketogenic diet website, sharing everything I'm learning about ketosis and longevity. 

With that newly acquired knowledge on board I've decided to start an online shop to bring the best keto related products to the UAE.