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About Us

Ingfit was created in 2013 by founder and CEO Lee Sandwith. It started out as a small project to write a small nutrition guide in response to requests from lots of people for him to share his weight loss secrets. From there the website grew in general nutritional content, before transitioning into the keto and paleo world in about 2016.

In early 2018, born out of frustration for the lack of keto products available in the UAE, Lee decided to take action and launched Initially stocking only a handful of products, now boasts an impressive portfolio of keto essentials from supplements, keto bread, mouthwatering keto snacks, sweeteners and much more.

Now with the title of the UAE’s first one stop keto shop firmly under its belt, the growing ingfit team holds much grander ambitions. Recognising the healing potential of the ketogenic diet, the team is developing grand plans towards transforming the health and wellness of its beloved UAE.

Not only is the keto diet an unbelievably successful tool to combat weight loss and obesity, it is now emerging as a scientifically proven intervention for Type 2 Diabetes. Ultimately this means that the nation’s two greatest health concerns can be tackled without the need for pharmaceuticals: simple dietary and lifestyle changes is all that’s required.

To drive this message forward, building on the foundations of the online store, the team is in the process of developing its own health coaching program. Furthermore, later on 2019, the team expects to launch its own range of healthy products to support not just the keto diet, but anyone looking to transform their own personal health and wellbeing.

If that’s not enough, in late 2018, ingfit took an extremely significant step forwards by creating an advisory board of nutritional experts from its wide network.

The Team


Our CEO and Founder, Lee, brought the ingfit team together to help realize a growing personal dream of breaking through the widespread misinformation on nutrition and helping people to transform their own health through diet and lifestyle. He became passionate about this through his own personal health journey, struggle with weight and various health markers, and his deep understanding of how to manipulate the ketogenic diet to accommodate his genetic profile.

Lee Sandwith weight loss

With a BSc in biology, an introductory qualification in healthy eating and nutrition, a level 5 qualification in nutritional studies, as well as two foundation courses in metabolism and nutrition from Aberdeen University, Lee is currently studying for his Masters in Clinical Nutrition with Aberdeen University.

All of these along with his professional certification in perfect management make him well placed for his role of virtually everything within the business at ingfit. From writing content, hosting our podcasts, building our websites, handling product registration, licensing and importation to overseeing the entire team, there is very little that Lee can’t do. He is the glue that holds ingfit together.


ingfit’s head Health Coach holds a nutrition & coaching certification from the Primal Health Institute plus a certification in raw nutrition from the Body Mind Institute. She is a complete keto nerd, and responsible for sourcing the products for as well as ensuring that all the products we stock contain ingredients our customers can trust.

As ingfit grows, Bronwyn’s Masters in Education (Curriculum Development) is informing her role in developing and administrating the Eternity ingfit keto coaching curriculum.


Alice makes sure everything keeps ticking behind the scenes at, dealing with customer requests, order fulfillment, website development and the list continues! She is an integral part of our team and we would be lost without her (we know, we lost her for a week once, never again!). 

She has incredible skills in the kitchen and has developed the perfect keto brownie along with a secret nut butter mix that ingfit hopes to develop in the future! She is a health and fitness enthusiast and is a level 3 certified personal trainer, something her role at ingfit may expand to encompass soon too! 


Antonios is our Chief Operations Officer. With an MSc and multiple postgraduate qualifications in Project Management, he is an absolute logistics wizard and makes things that we would have previously thought impossible happen with ease! Hailing from Greece, with experience in both Japan and the UAE, he is the proud owner of Kouris EVOO, makers of the highest quality olive oil we have ever tasted. 

Antonios is relatively new to Keto but has always had a health directed mindset, and is passionate about the health revolution that ingfit represents.


Andrew, is our chief commercial officer, born in Chile and brought up in the UK. He is a commercial marketer with a BA Hons in business studies and an array of postgraduate certifications in marketing and leadership. Andrew is no stranger to the global scene having worked in places as far flung as Columbia, the Caribbean and throughout Europe but has now been in the UAE for 7 years. He takes care of all commercial and marketing responsibilities at ingfit, but wears whichever hat he needs to at any time with excellence, which could be anything from mediation to label application as we expand!

He has always been sports and fitness mad and back in the day was a national level swimmer. He has followed a low-carb diet for over 10 years and is a more recent Keto convert.

Andrew believes in listening to the right people and following a fact-based approach, which fuels his passion for the ingfit model, looking to educate people and guide them to a healthy life and future. I look after the Commercial & Marketing side of the business and am passionate to support a growing UAE startup looking to improve the health of the nation.