Thrriv | Keto Bacon Pate

Dhs. 22.00
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The classic pate, now low carb with no nasties. Chicken liver and bacon, two great tastes together in one jar. Just add Thrriv’s toasted superseed bread, a few radishes and you have yourself a delicious canapé.

With high quality ingredients such as fresh minced chicken liver and bacon packed into every jar, this versatile pate is sure to satisfy your daily hunger pangs.

ingredients: chicken liver, butter unsalted, cream, Himalayan salt, onions, beef bacon, bay leaf.

nutritional info (per 50g)

Calories: 175.43kcal | Fat: 15.25g | Protein: 7.86g | Net Carbs: 0.97g

net weight: 100g.

shelf life: 1 week / chiller.

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