Pasta & Noodles

pasta (pæs.tə) noun: a food made from flour, water, and sometimes egg, that is cooked and usually served with a sauce. It is made in various shapes that have different names: Spaghetti, lasagne, ravioli, and cannelloni are all types of pasta. UK: pæs.tə; US ˈpɑː.stə.

noodles (nuː.dəl) noun: a food in the form of long, thin strips made from flour or rice, water, and often egg, cooked in boiling liquid: egg/rice noodles, instant/crispy noodles, chicken noodle soup. nuː.dəl

Well, the dictionary may need an update as our keto pastas are made without the flour (obvs) and come in many forms including Shirataki, Konjac and even palm hearts.

FUN FACT: Shirataki and Konjac are both made from the konjac potato, the only difference between them being the shape: konjac comes in a rectangular block and shirataki are shaped like noodles. Because of their lack of taste and smell and their jelly-like consistency, konjac and shirataki have never been popular anywhere but Japan.