Sun Blast | Raw Organic Coconut Water

Dhs. 21.00
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A sip of this delicious, raw, organic, nutrient and electrolyte rich Sun Blast Organic coconut water will take you right to the tropics. At least, figuratively. 

Coconut water has become one of the coolest sippable superfoods on the block in recent years, and there aren't more refreshing than an ice cold glass of it after a run or yoga session.

Not only does it taste amazing, it's so good that it feels like drinking it right out of the coconut shell. That's because it has been bottled within 48 hours, chilled at 4 degrees to maintain its freshness and it didn’t undergo any heat treatment of any sort, which enables all the nutrients and enzymes to live . Hence, the shelf life of each bottle is only 60 days.

Interesting thing about Sun Blast coconut water is its colour. Over time, it will gradually start to turn pink. The science behind the pink pigmentation is that the beneficial phenolic- antioxidant of the coconut water reacts with the enzymes of the coconut water to turn it pink. This only happens with RAW and FRESH coconut water. The more the antioxidants, the pinker it turns.

  • 100% Raw Organic Coconut Water
  • Carefully processed to preserve nutrients
  • Delicious Source of Hydration
  • Ultimate Hangover Cure
  • Paleo, Vegan Friendly
  • Dairy and Gluten Free

ingredients: 100% organic coconut water

net weight: 500ml.