adjective Chemistry: of or derived from a ketone. Ketone; ketone group:ketosis.

origin: first recorded in 1910–15

What is keto?

Keto is short for ketosis which is a metabolic state. It's a secondary "back up" energy system which starts when we fast, vigorously exercise, consuming exogenous ketones or when we keep carbs very low. Typically, nutritional ketosis starts when we keep carbs below 20-50g, however, this “threshold” varies from person to person.

Which products are keto?

Because everyone is different, which foods are “keto” or “not keto” is debatable, however, to make things super easy, we classify products as “keto” if the carb content is low enough to be realistically included within a net carb count of 20g or less per day. This is a roughly how low most people will need to go in order to reach a state of ketosis. However, as people become fat adapted this may rise, and certain people can tolerate a slightly higher carb intake while remaining in ketosis.

A word on "dirty keto"

There is a little confusion about the term ‘dirty’ keto. This means keto which does not take into account the healthfulness of ingredients (such as sunflower oil or corn syrup) which will in fact harm your body, Given that we are primarily concerned with holistic health, you can be 100% assured you will never find any ‘dirty’ keto products on our site. None of our products include added sugar, vegetable oils or harmful sweeteners.

Acceptable ingredients

There are a few ingredients which need a special mention. Firstly, some of our products included natural sweeteners such as honey and dates. Some people believe that these ingredients are not keto but in very small amounts they can easily fit within a healthful ketogenic diet. Some of our products also contain gluten given that it does not impact ketosis in most people. If you are sensitive to gluten, check out our gluten free section.


We specialize in sweeteners and only include those which are low GI and do not harm the body. Our favorites are monkfruit, erythritol and stevia, all of which are zero GI. We also approve Xyltiol which is GI 12 and considered acceptable for keto. We avoid any harmful sweeteners such as maltodextrin, maltitol and high GI natural sweeteners such as maple syrup. For more info on sweeteners, you may wish to check out this article.