Keto by Foxxy

We've partnered with the awesome Keto by Foxxy to bring you some of the UAE's best freshly baked products. The idea is that you can add any of Foxxy's products to your normal ingfit order and benefit from all of your normal perks such as free delivery if your order exceeds AED 225 and the ability to earn ingpoints if you're a member of our loyalty scheme.

This project, however, is a wee bit challenging for us because all products are made to order and this changes our normal mode of operation. As such, there are some important conditions that you should be aware of before placing your order.

delivery timings and duration

Please note that we can only ship KetobyFoxxy products across the UAE, GCC shipping is not available.

For the UAE, we normally offer next day delivery for most emirates if your order is placed before 2pm but including freshly baked products changes this slightly.

For example, if you live in Dubai and you place your order on, say Sunday at 10am, we'll place your order with Foxxy on the same day and the goods will be delivered fresh to our warehouse on Monday afternoon. We'll package everything with your normal ingfit goodies on Monday evening for delivery on Tuesday morning. So that's around 48 hours for delivery.

However, if you place your order on Wednesday, if we applied the same timelines, your Foxxy products would be delivered to our warehouse on Thursday for delivery on Friday. The issue here is that we don't deliver on Fridays so your products would be sitting in our warehouse until Saturday so you'd lose a day of shelf life.

To solve this, any orders placed between Wednesday and Friday am will be scheduled for delivery on Sunday, which means you could be waiting for around 4 days for delivery.

There's no need for you to worry about this level of detail, we'll work everything out so you get the freshest products. All we ask is that you bear with us whilst we optimise our processes and if you're desperate for products, the best thing is to ensure you place your order before Wednesday every week.

We're working on a technical solution for this which will allow you to select your own delivery window but we don't expect to have this in place until Feb 2020.

shelf life

All Keto by Foxxy products should be good for around a week, however, as per Dubai Municipality rules, Foxxy has to stamp each product with only 3 days expiry. We're working on trying to extend this duration but it will take some time.


Cheesecakes should be stored in the fridge, everything else should be stored at room temperature. If you're purchasing bread, you can pop it in the freezer and it will last for much longer.