ingfit Keto Bread Mix | Sunflower Seeds

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ingfit keto bread is the low-carb bread solution you have been waiting for! We have managed to drop the calories AND the carbs at the same time to bring you INCREDIBLE bread mixes to keep in the cupboard and bake as needed.

Like you we struggled with the idea of giving up bread when choosing a low-carb lifestyle, which is why we put a whole lot of time and energy into making sure when we put our name on it we KNEW it was a game-changer.

Having hot, fresh, keto bread right at your fingertips has never been easier. You literally just add water and bake. You don't EVEN need a bread tin (although it's better with one)!

With three gluten-free options* there is something for EVERYONE's personal healthful lifestyle choices. This is one cart addition we KNOW you won't regret.


golden linseed flour*, egg white powder, sunflower seeds, organic coconut flour*, almond flour*, pumpkin seed flour*, apple fibre, baking agent: sodium bicarbonate, antioxidant: ascorbic acid (vitamin c), pink crystal salt, spices. (*partially de-oiled).

allergens: Contains eggs and seeds. May contain traces of other peel fruits, oil seeds, peanuts and shelled ingredients. Can contain singly traces of other peel fruits, oil seeds, peanuts and shell ingredients.

nutrition (per 100g baked bread)

Net Weight: 250 grams , makes approximately 500g of low-carb bread

Energy 147 kcal
Carbohydrates 11.2 g
of which fibre 10.4 g
Net carbs 1.4 g
Fat 4.5 g
Protein 20.6 g


Simply mix the bread mix with 350 ml of water into a dough. Form a loaf, place on a baking sheet or put into a greasy mould (silicone mould) and bake at 190°C for approximately 60 minutes.