Why We Should be Eating Organ Meats

In this episode it’s time to talk about organ meats! These are becoming a hot topic in ancestral health circles all over the world, and the evidence is pretty clear that the muscle meat is not the most nutritious part of the animal we could be eating!

Lee and Bronwyn chat about the wisdom of our grandparents and ancestors, and then go on to talk about how we should be incorporating these superfoods in our diets today. They discuss the importance of ensuring the animal was farmed organically, and where to safely find these meats in Dubai and the UAE. So… get ready to have your paradigms shifted and open your mind to rethinking your stance on liver (nature's multivitamin) and brain!

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We are back with a short video about organ meats which are all the rage at the moment. They are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. I first heard about them from Chris Masterjohn and thought he was crazy. Where I am from in England it is part of the diet, liver and onions, steak and kidney pie, so I’m used to it but never really liked it. I’ve turned to it a little now, so I do include it in my diet. Can you tell us about the benefits?Ok, so with the movement back to ancestral knowledge, there has been this awakening around these meats.

Organs are one of the best sources of minerals that you can find in an animal product, so you are getting all your iron, magnesium, selenium, fat soluble and water soluble vitamins, right there. In fact, the muscle meat of the animal is the least nutritious. It is still good for you but if you want the biggest bang for your buck it’s definitely the organs. We didn’t want to go too much into the benefits of each specific organ because it is easy to find. But we want to look into the safest places to find organs here in the UAE. So I got in touch with Aladin who is very vocal in the UAE Facebook communities and a moderator on one of the biggest arabic ketogenic groups called Start Keto.

He said that even though he talks about the benefits so much, he doesn’t eat much currently because he can’t find certified organic organ meat in the UAE. He pointed out that if all the goodness is concentrated in that part, so would the antibiotics and hormones be. He said he used to buy his goat organs from a place called Deema Organic farms but they haven’t had the goat organs available. So, I got in touch with them and they are waiting to change their license so they can sell chicken, goat and sheep organs very soon. I live inland and a lot of people there eat organ meat. It is traditional for them. I decided to go and ask them about the farming methods that are used on these desert farms where they raise animals. It turns out that they don’t use hormones and antibiotics because it is not traditional, so even though they don’t have an official organic certification, they know that animal is safe. You can also get organic chicken livers from the organic store and Deena organic farms. We invite everybody to join us on this journey of keeping open minds and taking the leap because people have been doing this for centuries. We are supposed to be eating these things.

One more thing that Aladin said was that traditionally the most benefit would come from eating the liver raw. Now, that is a bit much for me, but the emiratis say that a lot of tribes here soak the liver in vinegar or lemon juice and eat it raw, its supposed to have the least effect on the nutrients that you are getting in. One last thing I wanted to mention, I was just watching a podcast on High Intensity Health and Benjamin Bikman, a prominent ketogenic researcher, was on and they always ask one question at the end where the person has to choose something that they would take with them to a desert island if they had one thing to choose and he chose cow liver, saying it is the one place that you can get the most benefit.

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