Why Keto is So Effective for Weight Loss with Lee

Lee shares with us exactly why keto is often the most effective dietary intervention for weight loss. He discusses the mechanisms in the body, why there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to keto and what pitfalls to look out for if you are hoping to lose weight with keto.

Lee Sandwith is a Certified Nutritionist, coach and CEO of ingfit, the UAE's First One Stop Keto Shop. ingfit Remains fully dedicated to our vision and mission of radically transforming the health of the UAE through diet and lifestyle rather than medication. The Keto 101 series hopes to assist us in re-educating people about the NEW science of diet and lifestyle so that people can stop following dated nutritional guidelines that can been CAUSING disease rather than combatting it!

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Hi, welcome to another video on our channel, in the Keto 101 series we’re walking you through step by step, everything you need to know about the keto diet, in the last video we explained the basics behind what keto is, and in this video we’re going to talk about why you might want to consider the keto diet, now there are lots of benefits and we’ll cover a lot of these benefits in future videos but the main reason that the people switched to the ketogenic diet is to lose weight.

So if you’re new to keto you might be wondering how the whole keto thing works and why it is such a successful way of eating for losing weight, in the last video we explained the really basic mechanism behind keto, and we introduced the term nutritional ketosis, as a refresher this is where the body starts to burn fat for fuel instead of glucose, which is triggered by keeping carbs very low in the diet.

Now, there are number of reasons why ketosis is so effective for weight loss, but the most fundamental level as you may recall the body converts either dietary fat or body fat into energy, so if you get the calorie intake right, I’ll come back to this in a second, your body burns fat for fuel which drives the weight loss because it’s taking the body fat from your body.

And now in terms of the practical reasons why this way of eating is so successful, is because although calorie intake is still very important, you can still achieve tremendous results without counting calories which is a major benefit for people, and this is mainly because by minimizing carbs you’re eliminating the blood glucose highs and lows, and it’s that pang for glucose which is the painful hunger feeling which you’ll have on a daily basis if you’re fueling your body on carbs and this is why traditional dieting is actually really difficult for people.

But if you switched to fat as your main dietary source, you’ll feel much more satiated for longer, and that your body naturally regulates calorie intake, now calorie intake is super important as if you consume too much fat and too many calories your body will need to do something with that excess energy and it will store that excess energy as fat, and the way I think about it is that the body prioritizes the order it consumes its fuel sources, so first it will use any carbohydrates, secondly it will use any dietary fat, and thirdly it will use any body fat, so if you get your carbs intake right, and that’s a macro nutrient balance which I’ll talk about in a future video, and you get your calories in the right ballpark then you can lose a lot of weight and you can lose it extremely quickly.

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