Which Type of Magnesium Supplement is Best

In this video Lee and Bron take a deep dive into magnesium, all the different kinds, which ones you should invest in and which are a waste of time and money! Sit back, relax and have all your magnesium questions answered!

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Welcome to Keto and primal health UAE.

We are here today to talk about Magnesium. I have been supplementing with Magnesium for a while because my understanding was that you magnesium when you are on a ketogenic diet . However after talking to you about it I realized I don’t have a lot of knowledge and I have been taking the wrong ones, so I think it would be good if we’d go through the different types of magnesium and what you would use them for .

This is a topic that I am really passionate about. I started learning about it when I started keto ages ago because, like you said, it is very important to supplement with magnesium on a ketogenic diet because of the way that your body loses its ability to hold on to electrolytes. So you need to watch your sodium intake, magnesium and make sure you are eating lots of potassium rich foods. Some symptoms of a magnesium deficiency, like the first symptom I started getting when I went keto, cramps in my legs at night that would wake me up and it would feel like my legs were actually going to just break themselves, also in the gym, after about an hour of working out my legs would just cramp up and I wouldn’t be able to move them. That is when I started looking into magnesium.

Those are the electrolytes right? Yes and magnesium is an electrolyte. So, salt can also help with that. It is a balance of all of them. SO if you are getting those kind of cramps, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, lots of chocolate cravings. These are all symptoms of magnesium deficiency and actually a lot of the population is deficient in magnesium and it is a mineral that we need to be very vigilant about our intake of. The most popular magnesium forms on the market are magnesium citrate, oxide and aspartate. You are going to find these in most of your magnesium multivitamins, calcium/magnesium or your cheaper magnesium supplements. The problem with this is that they are not very bio available. The worst are oxide and aspartate. They are cheap forms of magnesium and they basically just go straight through you without having any effects at all. Citrate is slightly better absorbed but it has a really strong laxative effect which is not fun and it draws water out of your body and into your intestines so it can dehydrate. Then, we have other forms, which can be absorbed through the skin, so people say that you need to have an Epsom salt bath to absorb magnesium and that form comes in sulphate which is well absorbed. But a better form to soak in is magnesium chloride, which is the one you find in sea water and if you have a bath in magnesium chloride, your body will just soak that in and you will really feel the effects. I have heard about this on the Joe Rogan’s podcast, he has a floatation tank and he has magnesium in it. There is actually a floatation tank in Dubai somewhere. It is on the list. Through my early research, I stumbled on magnesium malate and I found out that it was very good nervous system support bound to malic acid, very high bioavailability and also helps with chronic fatigue, something I was struggling with. I found that my cramps went away quite a lot when I started taking magnesium malate over citrate. How do you find it Lee? Well, to be honest with you , I don’t really find any benefit with it. I mean, the reason I wanted to take it is to try and improve sleep but I understand that this is not the right one for sleep.

Yes, there is that. So after speaking to Maya, we are both magnesium nerds, I found out about magnesium glycinate and this one fascinated me because it is actually bound to glycine, the element in bone broth that is so calming for your body. So when you have that bone broth before bed time it is glycine calming you down and when you bind the magnesium which is a calming mineral anyway, to glycine it has an extremely stress reducing, calming effect. Since I have added the glycinate to my magnesium list, it’s been putting me to sleep much faster. Because sleep is something that I struggle with. So, I have moved my malate to the morning, for energy uptake and glycinate at night and the effects are phenomenal. I’ll have to try it. Maybe you have brought some with you? I’m not sharing. It’s like gold. Then, the other type of magnesium that I don’t want to compromise on and I take morning and night because it has quite poor bioavailability but the effects are phenomenal, magnesium threonate which is the only type of magnesium that can cross the blood brain barrier, so it’s the only type of magnesium that can fuel your brain, the research that is coming out at the moment is linking it to reducing Alzheimer symptoms, increasing resilience against Parkinson’s, helping treat depression and anxiety. So, I’m not messing around with that, I’m making sure that I get 2000 mg of that in the morning and evening. There are a variety of brands out there, my favourite is NOW because it’s affordable, they consistently come up as not using harmful fillers and having the potency listed on the bottle.

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