Tips to Get More Movement In With Matthias Schmidt

ingfit advocates four pillars of health. Nutrition, movement, sleep and stress management. Our ambassadors believe in these pillars too. In this video Matt talks about the importance of movement, and gives practical, actionable tips about how to incorporate more in our daily lives, rather than sitting all day, moving for an hour and believing we now have an active lifestyle.

Being sedentary for much of the day while going to the gym for an hour once a day is now being shown to be harmful to our health too, in fact some. have gone as far as to say sitting is the new smoking! We were designed to move, and if we don’t move our bodies they become inflamed, which advances the disease process… So… let’s get MOVING!

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Hello Ingfit community, I hope everybody is well I want to address something that I think needs addressing in a healthy lifestyle. We are all being too sedentary including myself.

Nobody is free of guilt. Let’s take an example of the normal office worker, how is your day? You wake up in the morning, you sit down for breakfast. You sit down on the way to work. You sit down on your desk. You sit down for lunch. You sit down at your desk again. And then you sit in your car on your way home.

Then you have dinner, you’re sitting down again. And then you go to bed. Sounds familiar? That sounds pretty sedentary to me, isn’t it? And we all, we all are guilty of this. Some more, some less. You can break this up! For example, go for a morning walk, take a few stairs on the way to the office, even if you work in a high-rise building let’s say you work in a fifty first floor.

You stop on ground on floor number two and you walk to the staircases, two flights of stairs, it is possible but we constantly have to remind ourselves that it is important to not be sedentary. You’re taking water with you to work; you have a bottle of water. Don’t take the bottle, take a glass. Once the glass is empty, you get up, you refill it. Hopefully nobody is following smoking, but as an example

Being a smoker then you always got outside for a smoke, hence that gets absent, don't smoke but still go outside, get a few steps in, you can do that, it doesn’t have to be steps necessarily, you can also stretch yourself, you do some lunges, you do a squat, you do a few pushups, you don’t have to break a sweat but you want to make sure you’re being less sedentary throughout the day.

The same applies if you exercise in the morning or you exercise after work. This is not mean you should sit for the rest of the day because you’re done. I would rather you put less effort maybe in your exercise if you’re too tired to move for the rest of the day.

Exercise does not exclude you from being active throughout the day, this is, the human body is made to move not to sit all day.

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