The Healing Power of Bone Broth

In this episode Lee and Bron interview Dean Henry of The Clean Living Company, one of the pioneers in the health and wellness scene in the UAE and the makers of exceptional quality bone broth and collagen supplements too! Dean is a functional medicine certified health coach, and chatting to him is always fascinating!

Dean gives us more insight into how the Clean Living Company came about, how they source their ingredients, as well as the power of bone broth and some of the successes he has seen in his clients and his own health.⁣ ⁣

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Today, we have a special guest, Dean Henry, co-founder of the Clean Living Company that does bone broth in the UAE, he's also a qualified functional health coach practicing in Dubai. What got you interested in bone broth? Myself and my partner were looking for bone broth in the UAE from a reliable source. My business partner George, wanted it because he's a physique athlete, and myself, for general health, and my daughter was six months old, a great time to start getting it into the child's system. We found a supplier of organic, grass-fed bones from Australia and good organic ingredients here. Then started creating broth for our own use. We started to advertise to see if people would actually consume it, and it picked up quickly. And here we are, two years old. We put kombu seaweed in a vegan broth. We have it infusing in water for 24 hours, refrigerated, then add other ingredients.

Many people are deficient in iodine, and this is great for that, so good for thyroid health. Also for gut health. It's not as good as bone broth, but a good alternative. Any specific client feedback you'd like to share with us? The first was a lady, Marie, who had her psoriasis cleared. She tried all the anti-inflammatories and steroids. We put her on a bone broth 21-day program, and her skin cleared up in 16, 17 days completely. That's what launched me into doing functional medicine coaching. And joint pain too for me, I really noticed less. The 21-day program is quite a paleo ketogenic-type diet, with two servings of bone broth daily, 5 days a week. It's almost no carbs. Very minimal. And then two days, we don't recommend back-to-back, a bone broth fast where you don't eat anything for 24 hours. So let's say you had your last meal at 6 pm last night. You won't eat again until 6 pm today. In that 24-hour window, you can have four servings of bone broth, green tea, and water. It's tough, and you can't cheat. Most people say, "Ah, I didn't quite get the results." I'd say, "Did you fall off the wagon at all?" They'd say, "Well, you know --" I mean it's profound how accurate this is. You know, people start to get results about day 18, 19. It really is the three weeks. So if you cheat along the way, you have to start again. I mean, officially or unofficially, it takes three weeks for your system to reset and to create new habits. So what are your two absolute non-negotiables for health? The first is just being aware of what you ingest. So whether it's people, food, your environment, become an expert in yourself. Number two is to be kind to yourself. I'd say, would you speak to your friend the way you speak to yourself?

All the rest of it isn’t important if you don't love yourself. We forget how that is affecting us on a cellular level. So get your bone broth online at or for email orders. You can now buy bone broth through too.

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