Learn To Do The Perfect Pushup With Matt

The pushup! In this video Matt goes through one of the most important bodyweight movements in detail and with progression for those of us who aren’t anywhere near being able to perform a full pushup! So no worries if you are a beginner, this video will teach you how to get there!

This move trains functional strength and is a resistance training movement which can be performed ANYWHERE with zero equipment! It’s a great one to have in your toolkit! However, A LOT of people are just doing them WRONG, which can cause strain on your shoulders over time, and so HURT you as you age rather than SUPPORT you as you age as resistance movements are so great at doing.

The reason resistance training is so important (always, but especially as we age) is that we tend to lose muscle more easily as we age, and keeping a healthy layer of skeletal muscle on our bodies is vital for bone strength, staying mobile and boosting our overall cellular health!

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