Keto to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes - A Case Study in the UAE

People are reversing their type 2 diabetes as well as many other lifestyle diseases with the low carb or keto diet every single day! Even right here in the UAE! Dr Feruza Gafarova shares with us the story of one of her patients who was able to come off his meds and reverse his type 2 diabetes with her support through keto and lifestyle ALONE!

This is NOT a fad diet! Help us make the message louder! Remember to always consult with a doctor when reducing medications, there are doctors who will happily support you to reverse these conditions!

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Today, I would like to share with you my patient’s experience. I had a nice gentleman, forty years old, who came to see me around six months ago with type two diabetes, and being on five different glucose lowering medications including insulin. Unfortunately this gentleman has visited many doctors before and nobody told him that type two diabetes is a reversable condition, especially on the earliest stages and that it’s possible to have control over it with just lifestyle changes, so over this time, over the six months we were able to drop all of his five medications including insulin, and actually insulin was the first medication, how did we do it? You know the formula now that low carb high fat diet is a diet of choice for those who are suffering from insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, P.C.O.S and so on, any diseases related to the underlying cause of insulin resistance.

What did we do? So we use a continuous glucose sugar monitor that stays on you for two weeks and it measures your sugars every 2 minutes without any of your help. So we get nice graphs, where we can see the sugar even at night, we can see patient’s response to any kind of food on terms of his sugar from this monitor.

This gentleman he just recently visited me, we have rechecked his sugar and his HBA1C was 5.6 which is a good level and he is not even on a pre-diabetic stage, just for the precaution, I kept him on just one medication which is called Glucophage because beside just controlling the sugar Glucophage has other beneficial properties from the point of anti-aging medicine.

He couldn’t be more happier, he was able to return his quality of life because doing and having all of those medications was effecting him a lot, he was having a lot of side effects from that as well, so we were able to control those things just with a low carb high fat diet.

So if you’re one of those patients who is suffering from underlying cause of insulin resistance, that are type 2 diabetes, P.C.O.S, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver disease, you should know that low carb high fat diet might be a good option in your case, know what can affect your diet, know you should make your own research and understand what is affecting actually your sugars, and by changing your diet will significantly improve the management of your condition.

Thank you for watching and stay tuned for the next video.

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