How to Stay Healthy Through the Holidays with Lauren Brush

How to stay healthy during the holidays! The festive season is upon us! And it’s a time when it’s easy to lose sight of our health and wellness goals… but there really is no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater OR to deny yourself all the pleasures of this joyous time! ingfit Fitness and Wellness Ambassador, Lauren, shares with us how you really CAN have your cake AND eat it! (I mean what else would you do with a cake!)

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Hey guys, how are you? So, it’s December, we’re ending the year with a bang and today I just want to talk a little bit about the holiday season, and just getting through it in the most healthy way possible.

And if you’re anything like me sometimes this can cause a little bit of stress and anxiety, because you have worked so hard to get to where you are today, and you’ve worked the whole year, and all for it to end with Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s and food and drinks and a lot of stuff and so today we’re just going to talk about balance and some tips and tricks that I use to help me get through the holiday season.

So, I have had many heart to heart conversations with myself, because usually I end up going to the holiday season with really pure intentions, but after a couple of years I kind of know better and I know that when I’m around my family or my friends or when it comes to fun recipes and stuff I don’t really have much self-control and then I end up feeling really guilty afterwards, and so I really think it’s all about finding that balance, realizing and going into the holiday time that you’re not going to undo everything you’ve already worked so hard for with just a couple nights here and there, and if you can attack it and go forth in a way that’s both enjoyable and healthy, you’re just going to be fine, you’re going to be fine.

So what I always like to do when the holiday season comes around is I kind of come up with like a game plan in my head, I think through you know what days or events are really truly important to me, that is worth going off my diet plan a little bit, and what can I do before and after to help kind of mitigate that and just know and enjoy it while I’m going through it, so I know for me Thanksgiving is a deal breaker, Christmas Eve is a deal breaker, and New Year’s Eve is a deal breaker, I mean those are probably going to be the three days throughout the year where I’m actually, besides my birthday, going to put a lot of time and effort into, you know trying all the recipes and meeting friends if we can or going over Zoom and meeting friends, so I kind of go into it just knowing that’s going to be the case.

And then you know before and after those events I do all the healthy things that I can, just to keep, make sure I don’t get bloated or get a stomach ache or anything like that even a hangover, I hydrate a lot, I make sure that my meals around those times are as balanced and healthy full of real foods as possible, I get my cardio in as best as I can even if it’s just 20 to 30 minutes every morning, and then I go into it and I actually enjoy it.

I savor each bite, I give thanks for the time that I’ve been able to, have to be able to do these things, and I make sure that I am enjoying it rather than having a really nice meal with friends or family and then feeling guilty the next day, it’s just not worth it, just have fun.

When it comes to building my plates, I also just like to make sure that I’m loading up all of the yummy protein and all the healthy vegetables, a lot of times what I do is I like to contribute my own recipes or meals, that I appreciate eating and enjoying knowing they are healthy, recently on Thanksgiving I ended up bringing a whole bunch of Munchbox treats because I know people are going to love them, then I knew that I wasn’t going to feel guilty for doing it, so head to ingfit and get all your Munchbox goodies well in advance, and then you know I give myself a couple of little cheats here and there whether that’s a couple of glasses of wine, or a nice big piece of pumpkin pie, whatever it is just know that don’t go overboard don’t stuff yourself to you’re so full, and just pick a couple things that really are important to you.

Another thing is usually after day like that where I kind of go outside of my meal plan a little bit, my stomach feels really bloated and I get really like low energy and whatnot, and a way that I have dealt with this is to actually fast, I love fasting I think it is one of the most healing things you can do for your body and I know we talk about that a lot on ingfit, now don’t think about fasting as a way to make up for your bad choices that should never be the case, so please don’t do that, right it’s more of a way for your body to reset, alright, so it’s all about making healthy choices before and after, getting that cardio in and moving your body as best as you can, making those choices that you’re going to make when you are filling your plate and having some indulgences and then incorporating some fasting when and if you can, alright guys, so key takeaway here is a couple nights here and there are not going to ruin your progress, and you should enjoy, you should be happy and you should really look forward to this time because it only happens once a year.

Alright guys, I’ll talk to you soon, bye.

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