How to Squat Properly - Zero to Squat Hero with Matt

The squat! One of the most important compound exercises to be able to do correctly if you are concerned about full body mobility and strength! In this video, ingfit Fitness and Wellness Ambassador, Matt breaks down the squat for us so we can either learn it from scratch (with modifications) or work on our own technique!

Movement is one of ingfit’s 4 pillars of health… Remember, our bodies were MADE to move and it is never too late to start!

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Here they are my four to go exercises.

Last time we have already looked into the push up, today we’re going to look into the squat, and what is yet to come is the pull up and the plank.

As mentioned today we’re going to look into the squat and it starts now.

Jump around a little bit at the beginning and find a comfortable landing position and that’s usually the good position for you to do a squat, it’s usually at around shoulder width, your toes point out slightly, really drive your feet and your legs into the ground, you screw them into the ground and your legs and your knees they want to point outward slightly.

Then you go down into the squat, you move your arms forward for the purpose of having a great balance, you inhale on the way down and you exhale on the way up.

Now we’re going to look into this again from the side, jump around a little bit, find a comfortable landing position, again as mentioned, this is usually around shoulder width, really find what is comfortable for you. Then you drive your feet and your legs into the ground, you screw them into the ground, your knees bent outward slightly, you have a great upright posture, when you go down your shoulder pretty much remains on top of your ankle, as you will see now, and then again your arms go forward so you can keep a great balance, what is important here and throughout the squat is that you don’t lose balance, your feet always remain in full contact with the floor, heels, toes they always remain in full contact, you don’t want to tip forward or backward at any point.

Now you should be able to sit like this, comfortably, for some time, you don’t have to drive your hips up you have to move forward slightly and that’s it.

So, that’s the squats done, I hope you could take something out of this, again this is how I do them, I think this technique is quite alright, it’s of course not the ultimate version but, yeah, that’s how you could do them, if you find them hard, like this is a normal squat, you might want to start by holding onto something, hold onto a chair, hold onto a table, to kitchen counter, whatever is around you and you could grab, do it, there’s no false ego if you do this.

Again, as mentioned in the last video, technique always comes first, it’s the most important thing about any exercise, if the technique is right anything else would follow.

There are countless versions of this that you can do, you can later on, go into jumping squat, you add some weights, it’s a great great exercise from my point of view, it’s great for your legs, it’s great for your core, and it’s a really great exercise for your abs by the way, really underrated.

See you soon and thanks for watching.

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