How to Plank with Progressions and Variations

The plank is an extremely effective full body exercise which can be done anywhere with no equipment! Many people don't realise how versatile this movement truly is though. In this video, we learn correct form for the basic plank and also gives us some variations to add into our planking routine when we feel the need to challenge ourselves.

ingfit Fitness and Wellness Ambassador, Matt Schmidt teaches us how to plank like pros! Let's start 2021 right and be in the best position possible to handle whatever the world has to throw at us this year!

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Hello and welcome back to my four to go exercises, last year in October we started off with the push up followed by the squat in November. In December right for Christmas we looked into the pull-up and now happy 2021 January, we will cover the plank and the plank goes like this you go onto your elbows and onto your toes and then you build a straight line with the rest of your body, and you do this by engaging your core. Don't stick your bum up, don't let it hang down straight line engage your core squeeze your abs, put your shoulder blades together.

And then you stay in this position and you hold it as long as you possibly can while keeping a good posture.

There are variations to this exercise. We're going to cover a few now.

The first one that you can see this with side steps to the left and to the right.

Always squeeze your abs your core, make sure your bum stays in this straight line.

Another variation is to put your arms out in front again alternating it's a bit more challenging a bit more advanced. You've probably all heard of the side plank the one that you can see now make sure you keep a straight line especially your head needs to be aligned with the rest of your body your elbows underneath your shoulder. There's also variation to the side plank as you can see now you can put up your leg like this, you can put up your arm and you can put up both at the same time.

The last variation, that I'm going to cover now, is the plank to push up, push up to plank, up and down alternate thing and make sure you engage those core muscles those abs and your bum always is in a straight line. That's it my four to go exercises are covered, as always please make sure to keep a proper form a good technique while exercising, that's really the only way to prevent injury.

All of those exercises that were covered it can be done everywhere at any time you don't need any equipment to do them, maybe you do need a pull-up bar but you can find alternatives.

Do those exercises to failure up to three rounds and takes you maybe 15 minutes and then you're done so no time is not an excuse.

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هناك اختلافات في هذا التمرين. سنقوم بتغطية القليل الآن.

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قم دائمًا بالضغط على عضلات البطن ، وتأكد من بقاء مؤخرتك في هذا الخط المستقيم.

شكل آخر هو وضع ذراعيك في المقدمة مرة أخرى بالتناوب أكثر صعوبة قليلاً وأكثر تقدمًا قليلاً. ربما سمعت جميعًا عن تمرين الثبات الجانبي الذي يمكنك رؤيته الآن. تأكد من الحفاظ على خط مستقيم خاصة رأسك بحاجة إلى محاذاة مع بقية جسمك ، مرفقيك تحت كتفك.

هناك أيضًاشكل أخر للتمرين كما ترون الآن يمكنك وضع ساقك هكذا ، يمكنك رفع ذراعك ورفع كليهما في نفس الوقت.

الشكل الأخير الذي سأقوم بتغطيته الآن ، هو الثبات الي الضغط ، والضغط إلى الثبات ، لأعلى ولأسفل شيء بديل وتأكد من إشراك تلك العضلات الأساسية تلك عضلات البطن و مؤخرتك دائمًا في خط مستقيم.

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كل تلك التمارين التي تمت تغطيتها يمكن إجراؤها في كل مكان وفي أي وقت لا تحتاج إلى أي معدات للقيام بها ، ربما تحتاج إلى شريط سحب ولكن يمكنك العثور على بدائل.

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