How to Make Sure Your Immunity is Strong to Fight Covid 19

With 2021 starting off with a strong message that Covid-19 isn't going anywhere any time soon, new variants on the rise and the knowledge that this is not the last epidemic we will face, boosting our immunity is even more in the spotlight than ever before.

We certainly can't control whether we get sick, but there are multiple small changes that we can make to ensure that our bodies are ready for whatever comes their way if we do! In this video, ingfit Fitness and Wellness Ambassador, Matt Schmidt talks us through some easy ways to be aware of the strength of our immune systems and boost them where needed! Let's start 2021 right and be in the best position possible to handle whatever the world has to throw at us this year!

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Hello ingfit community, happy 2021, happy New Year to all of you.

I hope you all had a great start and I excited of what is yet to come.

Let me start off this year by talking about health surprise surprise and immune Health in particular.

I feel this has been a bit lost in recent months immune Health. We all have an immune system and we all are sitting in the driver seat and we are in charge how ready our immune system is for anything that's out there.

We all make daily choices of what we're eating what we're drinking, when do we go to bed, do we exercise do we sit around, are we exposing ourselves to sunlight are we stressed, surrounding ourselves with negative people?

All those things can have an impact on your immune health.

Let me just quickly say something in between what I'm saying now is by no means to be taken as medical advice. I'm just putting some dots together and you may choose to take away from this whatever suits you.

Yes, immune health, we have an immune system and we are in charge of it that some are already predisposed. If you have a pre-condition such as Diabetes Type 2 in particular or if you are obese if you have high blood sugar, stuff like this already impacts the immune health and you are starting off worse than what the normal person is, but the good news is you still can make valid changes that won't take long for your immune system to get better.

Now most of you follow a ketogenic diet, which is a great start a great lifestyle to become more immune healthy let's say, and you eat those healthy fats and healthy proteins. don't forget those proteins are really important, sometimes even more than the fat and you all don't eat the carbs and sugars, especially the processed versions and I hope none of you is eating those seed oils anymore ever away from them, please. So this is a great start, the ketogenic diet, the ketogenic lifestyle.

You also might want to know or might want to educate yourself about the minerals and vitamins in your food as those are quite important to you and to immune health as well.

You can ask here on ingfit you can ask your doctor speaking of which doctor. How many of you did go for a health checkup in recent months?

If you didn't then you should especially with age let's say 35 plus you should go for regular check-ups and know the current situation of your immune health and you want to know you what are you blood markers, you want to know your vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, all of those can have beneficial effects if you're not sufficient.

Now especially in times like this, you should know about the immune health because the immune health this is what pulls you through everything. So stay healthy.

Make wise daily choices, daily again these are daily choices to be made and they are impactful and you can make impactful changes in little time and be ready for whatever is out there.

Spoiler alert, this is not the first or the last virus that will be out there, but you are the one who chooses how ready you are for whatever is coming.

Thank you very much. Happy New Year again, and I'll see you next month.

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