How to Effectively Deal With Holiday Stress with Dr Faryal Luhar

The festive season is in full swing, and while it IS a time of fun and togetherness, there can also be some added stress and pressure too! In this video Dr Faryal talks us through some awesome strategies to cope with this time of year while holding our health in the highest regard. ingfit is all about wholistic health, and Dr Faryal embodies this approach. We are proud to have her on our board of advisors!

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The festive season is upon us and while it is the season to be jolly, for many it’s the season to be stressed we are dealing with all kinds of tasks and activities at this time of year preparing for celebrations for the special holidays of Christmas and even Hanukkah and even year end celebrations to mark the end of 2020 which I'm sure a lot of us are quite ready to end this year and invite the promise of a healthier and happier 2021 so along with all of the tasks at hand between finding ourselves in crowded shopping malls for Christmas shopping dealing with worn-out kids year end tasks at the office preparing for family gatherings and social get-togethers with friends and colleagues and all of the other challenges that we've been through in 2020 during this pandemic.

How can we keep our heads and dare I say have a relaxed and calm festive season so that we can actually enjoy the special magic and buzz in the air and to be able to deal with the hustle and bustle that comes with this festive season.

My name is Dr. Faryal Luhar I'm a naturopathic doctor, and today I'm just going to share a few tips on what we can do to try and stay a step ahead so that we can have the energy and the vitality and a calm state of mind to be able to enjoy this festive season.

So, the couple of tips I'm going to share in this video are going to focus around the idea of stress itself.

A lot of us find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and exhausted before the festivities even begin.

So using certain nutrients and strategies to bust the stress that we're facing is a great idea and to start with I would say you should take a B-Complex, B-Complex is basically a formulation containing a variety of B vitamins that are going to help to mitigate and modulate stress levels and also give you a little bit of that boost of energy, magnesium is another great supplement and you need to be able to seek a health professional who will be able to tell you which magnesium salt you need to take depending on what it is that you are trying to deal with so magnesium helps to calm the central nervous system as well.

We also have in our toolkit certain herbal teas, which are wonderful because during this festive season it's really important that as you're running around and juggling things that you stay hydrated and drinking herbal teas is a great way to get that water in so some of my favorite herbal teas are things like green tea because it actually contains an active ingredient called l-theanine that just helps to stimulate the calming neurotransmitters in the brain.

There are others like holy basil also known as Tulsi, which is an Indian adaptogenic or ayurvedic herb and I love it because it also helps to just get you into that Zen mode and helps you to get the energy and the vitality that you need without feeling overwhelmed.

There are others such as chamomile, passion flower and many others.

And then doing certain stress relieving or stress busting activities is going to be important, so whenever you're feeling overwhelmed, you know anxious and wanting to feel calmer, it's great to indulge in just taking five minutes of making space for calm by doing some deep breathing.

And so, this would involve few minutes of sitting in a quiet place. you can do it practically anywhere taken an inhalation, a long inhalation, make sure that the belly rises, hold the breath for a few seconds and then a long exhalation and repeating the cycle, six seven eight times as many times as you can during those moments where you're starting to feel overwhelmed will automatically help you to feel much calmer and much less stressed and engaging in one of my favorite stress busting activities, which is grounding.

I've talked about this quite a few times and grounding is just the idea of walking barefoot on grass, you know in a park on the beach waiting in the ocean water just feeling the Earth under your feet because this helps to bring down cortisol levels and it also helps to protect the EMF or electromagnetic field that each of us has which is important for our health.

So taking the time to do these kinds of activities are going to basically fill your cup again so that you can go on and take on that day and do all the things that you need to do.

So don't forget to hydrate, hydration is really important making sure that you're drinking enough water throughout the day adding a little squeeze of lemon juice is great because the lemon juice alkalinizes your blood so it helps you to just keep those bad bugs away. But it also is a gentle detox for the liver for the lymphatic system, and for those of you who might indulge a little bit too much in alcohol, this is a great tip, which is for every glass of alcohol follow with a glass of lemon squeeze water to help flush out the toxins.

And then my last tip is just going to center around immunity and because we are still in a pandemic and we've dealt with many challenges with respect to our immune system when we're going into the festive season and especially for those of us who are enjoying the festive season in northern hemispheres where it's winter.

You've got the double whammy of not getting enough sunshine, possibly not, you know sleeping enough or sleeping well jeopardizing the routine for exercise and then of course the overindulgence right with all of the treats and yummy foods over Christmas.

So it is really important that you try to take in foods that have a lot of vitamin C daily and these would be fruits and vegetables that are red or yellow or orange in color, a lot of the peppers and the citrus fruits things like pineapples and oranges and peaches and lemons and so on, and getting those into your diet, berries are another one that are high in vitamin C, vitamin C is really important for just boosting your defenses and keeping your immune system strong so that you can reduce a susceptibility to contracting an infection or a virus during this festive season.

So, stay tuned for the next video, which will bring you more tips on how you can have a wonderful and relaxed festive season without sabotaging your physical and your mental health.

Thank you for watching.

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