How to Calculate your HOMA-IR Score With Dr Feruza

How to check your insulin resistance score with Dr. Feruza It’s November, which means it's Diabetes Awareness Month… and in this video Dr Feruza shares some very important tests we should ALL have done to find out if we are pre-diabetic or not!

It is estimated that over 80% of people who are pre-diabetic are completely unaware of the underlying condition taking form in their bodies. These AREN’T the tests your regular doctor will usually ask for, as many doctors still use blood glucose and HBA1C alone.

However, we now know that we can detect pre-diabetes FAR earlier with the tests Dr Feruza talks about in this video! Be proactive, take your wellness, life span AND HEALTH SPAN into your own hands, get tested, know where you stand BEFORE you need medication!

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